Five Tips for Choosing the Right Socks

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Socks

We all wear socks, but how many of us really pay attention to the features of our socks? It’s more than just picking up any old pair from the store shelf, you need to think about your preferences and your needs. Whether you’re in need of some new socks or are considering starting a sock subscription service like those offered by Sock Club, here are five tips to help you pick out the right pair of socks to suit your lifestyle and needs!

Color Matching

Wearing matching colors is more than a fashion statement - it's an easy way to form better habits. Studies have shown that wearing a certain color can help with weight loss, increase productivity, and even boost confidence! Keep in mind that changing your entire wardrobe might be too much at first, so start by picking out a few key pairs of socks to wear on days when you need a little extra boost. Within no time, you'll find yourself being productive (and slim) in no time.

Shape of Your Feet

While all feet come in different shapes and sizes, most people have one of three main foot shapes: flat, normal, or high-arched. Your feet’s shape will determine which socks are going to be best for you. Because of their classic design, men’s dress socks work well with any type of foot. And with ample cushioning in areas where you need it most (like under your toes), men’s dress socks offer a snug but comfortable fit that can leave your feet feeling refreshed after a long day on your feet.

Length of Your Feet

Since your socks need to be able to fit comfortably, it’s best to know how long your feet are. To measure your foot, stand on a piece of paper and trace your foot with a pen or pencil. Then, cut along that line to create a stencil. Finally, compare that outline against a chart of US shoe sizes. You’ll then know what size sock you should buy!

Style Consciousness

While many people focus on athletic socks, which can be a nice touch when playing sports, they're not always as effective at keeping your feet warm as good wool socks. A lot of people think that good wool socks are too thick or rough to wear with business casual clothes and shoes, but that's simply not true. Philosockphy is important because it shows others how we present ourselves in public; it shows what our priorities are and what we value. So while you might want to pay attention to aesthetics and stick with cotton socks or athletic woolen if you're dressing yourself, look into woolen styles if someone else is buying them for you.

Needs of Your Job

A person's job is an extension of their being. That's why it’s important to choose socks that match your needs (and your personality). Some people prefer to wear a uniform, while others enjoy throwing on whatever they can find in their wardrobe at that moment. Whatever type of person you are and whatever kind of work you do, there is a right sock out there for you. Here are five tips to help you make sure your next pair of socks works perfectly with both you and your job