Five Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

Five Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

Your sock drawer has been needing some love, but you just don’t have the time to devote to it. You need cute socks, and you need them now! Maybe it’s time to consider giving up sex to devote your life to cute socks. Here are five reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks instead.

Learn the Philosockphy

At Philosockphy, we think it’s high time socks became a more celebrated piece of wardrobe. Our socks subscriptions will change your life by providing you with cute socks that are affordable and easy-to-access. No longer will your style or your social standing be brought down by poorly designed tube socks! We carry a variety of sock subscription programs to suit every lifestyle

Know your Style

There are so many variations of socks out there that it’s easy to find a pair for every day of the month, but sometimes an entire subscription service is even better. If you don’t have time to keep track of what goes with what, or you just like having new socks in your life on a regular basis, consider signing up for one (or more) sock-of-the-month services. There are plenty out there, from themes (like Harry Potter socks) to styles (like fun patterns). Chances are you can find something that suits your tastes—and your feet.

Choose socks that match you

With so many different sock subscriptions out there, it’s hard to pick just one! And when you consider how much a monthly sock subscription can save you on cute socks, why choose just one? Try several sock subscriptions instead. Some are expensive (but worth it), others are cheap (but not worth it), but all of them have their own unique sense of style. Whether you like bold patterns or subtle details, there is a subscription service for everyone! To help get you started in your search for the one, here are some suggestions for what type of sock lover your inner Philosockphy belongs with

Always have access to cute socks

Yes, socks are an essential clothing item—we've even dedicated a whole day of festivities around them—but only you can decide if they're worth sacrificing sexy time. If you're not ready to give up sex just yet, but want a little variety, consider buying socks on subscription. There are plenty of sock-of-the-month clubs out there that will delight your feet with colorful new additions all year long. They’re usually priced at about $10 per month for three pairs of socks—much cheaper than an affair (or another pair of stilettos). If you're already in a committed relationship, however, we recommend planning sock parties instead; that way, your significant other is still getting something special without feeling like they're being cheated on.

Never run out of socks again!

Philosockphy is all about stopping you from running out of socks. With sock subscriptions such as Philosockphy, cute socks will arrive at your door step every month! Philosockphy also promises that your subscription will be delivered in a discreet package so no one need know how dedicated you are to your sock collection. Subscribe today and stop worrying about running out of socks again!

Become a sock designer?

Starting a sock subscription box service is one of those little luxuries you can afford for less than $100. Think about it: you can ship out socks on a monthly basis without having to worry about ordering inventory or printing shipping labels. While there are plenty of companies ready to help you with that—Sock Box, for example, does most of the work for its clients—you’ll have an edge if you do it yourself. Just be sure not to get too obsessed with delivering cute socks; remember your goal is not just a small business, but one that will make money! Here are three ways your sock subscription can make extra cash while being adorable: _______.