Five of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

Five of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

Sock subscriptions are one of the trendiest subscription boxes out there, and men can’t get enough of them! Whether you’re looking to spice up your sock drawer or trying to make sure you never have an awkward sock situation again, you’ll love these five fantastic sock subscriptions for men!

What are sock subscriptions?

For those unfamiliar with sock subscriptions, these companies send you a pair of stylish and often unique socks each month. Often these subscriptions come with themes, like cute animals or colors that represent your zodiac sign. Some even let you get socks from different subscription companies if you want to try out lots of brands! But no matter what kind of socks you want, there's almost certainly a sock subscription service out there for you. Find out more about 5 of our favorite sock subscriptions after reading our guide.

Why get a sock subscription?

When it comes to socks, guys can be picky. That’s why we love a good sock subscription. A sock subscription is a way to get cool new socks delivered to your door every month. If you are looking for some really special socks (and who isn’t), then a sock subscription is what you need! Whether you wear dress socks, sports socks or everyday socks, there is sure to be something here that will make all your sock dreams come true. And, as an added bonus—you never have to think about which pair goes with what again! We’ve done all the work for you and hand-picked one great pair each month so you don’t have to lift a finger or even leave your house!

My top five picks

To choose a sock subscription, you first need to find out what kind of socks you like. I'm a simple man who prefers cotton and medium thickness socks. Too thin, and they don't protect my feet from temperature swings. Too thick, and I feel like my feet are in casts (I suffer from circulatory problems). Finding styles that meet your needs is important because we men all have different ideas about what constitutes good sock design (Philosockphy), especially when it comes to colors and patterns. That's why some subscriptions focus on classic styles while others push out more outlandish socks based on current pop culture trends.