Five of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

Five of the Best Sock Subscriptions for Men

When it comes to socks, there are so many options out there, and everyone has their own favorite type and style. So if you’re looking to give the gift of sock-of-the-month clubs this holiday season, you’ll want to do your research first on the best subscription services out there right now and which ones are right for your boyfriend or husband. Because, let’s face it—when he takes his socks off at the end of the day, all he wants to do is get ready for bed and cuddle up with you in his PJs.


What’s your sock philosophy? Philosockphy is a big word, but it refers to just that: What does it mean to have philosophical feelings about socks? As a man, you might not spend much time thinking about socks and what they mean. But every guy needs them and you should really know your way around choosing a great pair—they make all the difference in your outfit. Some men don’t want to commit to wearing certain styles or colors on a regular basis; others don’t like how plain socks feel under dress shoes. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, then sock subscriptions are for you!


For men who hate to shop, Sockemall delivers an amazing selection of stylish socks from over fifty brands each month. The company’s ethos is that a good sock can improve your life, and they’re confident enough in their product to offer free returns. Philosophically speaking, Sockemall sees socks as an extension of self—and that doesn’t change when you wear them under work pants or with sneakers on weekends. In addition to being one of the best sock subscriptions around, Sockemall also runs its own e-commerce store. And because it understands that well-dressed feet require comfortable shoes (or barefoot walks through fields), it has started making its own shoe line too.


Offering a">sock of the month, each month has a theme to it. The socks are fun to wear and add some personality to your outfit. Bearfootsocks is one of our favorite sock subscriptions for men. They have a great selection of socks and each pair comes with either cute cartoon characters or interesting sayings. The quality is top notch too and customers rave about their customer service. Customers love that they can cancel at any time as well which is nice because you don’t feel like you are locked into anything. They also offer gift subscriptions so if you want to find something different but fun and unique then be sure to check out Bearfootsocks.


If you’re looking to discover new socks every month, Untuckit has got you covered. The company sends a curated box with two pairs of dress socks per month. This is a great gift idea for men who are difficult to shop for because all socks are catered to professional and business-casual wear (there’s no beachwear or other specialty socks here). What makes Untuckit special is that each pair has been picked by their team and given a unique name like Time to Roll Up Your Pants or Business Casual Office Worker. While there are certainly other brands that offer sock subscriptions, Untuckit seems more focused on making their product an experience rather than just providing products.

Happy Socks

Started in a bar by two Swedes, Happy Socks features colorful socks from all over. Their subscription service is ideal for men who are always looking to add to their sock drawer and don’t have time to shop around. Each month you’ll receive five pairs of fun and stylish socks, ranging from cotton low-cut sock to cashmere crew socks. Sign up now with code BOSS10 and get 10% off your first order! (LINK)