Drinking Games and the


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The philosophy behind drinking games

Whether you're an avid drinker or just a social drinker, these games will help you have more fun. Drinking games are great for parties and anyone that needs to spice up their Friday night. These drinking games will be a lot of fun with your friends whether they're people you know or strangers at the bar. They can also help you loosen up if you're stressed or tense. You'll feel like everyone is on your team when these games start, which makes it even more addictive to play them.
The first thing to do is set up some ground rules before playing these drinking games so that everyone knows what's expected of them. The most important thing about playing these drinking games is safety first!


The history of drinking games

There are hundreds of drinking games that people play, but few have as many followers as beer pong. The game has been around for generations, with records showing it being played as early as 1891.
The idea behind beer pong is to bounce a ping-pong ball across a table and into cups filled with beer on the other end. If you miss your shot, then you must drink from one of these cups. The game usually ends when all players run out of cups or when one player eliminates all other players by making them drink all their cups. Beer pong, like most drinking games, is largely considered to be a college pastime because alcohol consumption often makes it hard to keep count of points or what's going on in general.

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How does it work?

Why are drinking games so popular today?