Don't let your socks make you afoot! Sign up for Philosockphy's sock subscription and get a new pair of socks every month.


Don’t let your socks make you afoot! Sign up for Philosockphy's sock subscription and get a new pair of socks every month. With over 50 different styles to choose from, our subscription is sure to have something for you (and your feet). And with our 30 day free trial, you have nothing to lose but those extra pounds on your feet!


Philosockphy is the best place to buy cool, fun, colorful socks

If you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe by adding more color or just want some funky clothes to wear with your favorite sneakers then these are the perfect addition!


Every Month A New Pair of Amazing Socks

Wouldn't it be nice to have a different set of socks every month? You could wear them to the office, or just keep them in your drawer to pull out whenever you feel like it! This is why we love Philosockphy Socks - they have an awesome subscription service that sends you a different pair of cool, colorful socks each month. The best part is that these are not boring old ankle-length white cotton ones but rather crazy color dress socks or fun men's ankle socks with stripes or polka dots on them.


The Right Fit

Philosockphy is the ultimate sock club for men with an eye for style, giving you the chance to try out fun and colorful designs each month without breaking the bank. They offer three different sizes to ensure that they'll fit any man comfortably, with their most popular design being the fun dress socks. These look great with jeans or slacks at work or can be worn as part of a more casual outfit on weekends. They also have cool crew socks which are perfect if you need something a little warmer in winter months, or want to add some flash to an otherwise plain ensemble in summer - just pick your favorite color!


Great Gift Ideas

Tired of running out to the mall or grocery store to buy gift-giving items? We can help by making it easy for you to find that perfect present for any occasion with our gift guide. It has something for everyone - from cool socks, to fun mens gifts, the best sock subscription, cool mens socks, and more.


Why should I sign up?

When it comes to the quality of our clothes, we all want something that will last. But when it comes to our socks, we often settle for whatever is cheapest - until they start falling apart after just a few washes. The problem is that when you're buying them in bulk, there are so many different options that you don't really know what to buy because they all seem pretty much the same - it doesn't matter if they're flashy or dull as long as they don't have holes in them. And once the novelty wears off, you stop caring about them altogether. If this sounds like something you've experienced before, then consider signing up for Philosockphy's sock subscription service!