Don't be a fashion faux pas - get a sock subscription!

When you look down at your feet, does everything seem in order? Are your socks clean and well-matched? If not, consider subscribing to a sock of the month club. Whether you pick fun patterns or keep it classic, you’ll ensure that you always have matching socks and that you never run out. Not only will your feet thank you, but your fashion sense will too! Keep reading to learn more about sock subscription clubs and their benefits to you and your wardrobe.

The importance of having great socks

The first thing you probably think when you hear about the Philosockphy sock of the month Club is, why do I need socks? but we're here to tell you why. For starters, socks are one of the most important items in your wardrobe because they protect your feet and keep them warm. Secondly, our socks are designed with comfort and style in mind so that no matter what outfit you wear, you'll look effortlessly chic. Finally, the best part? We have a monthly sock club where subscribers receive fresh new pairs of socks delivered to their door every month. You'll never have to worry about what to wear with those old ratty ones again!

What is in your sock drawer?

I love socks, but I hate buying them. Sure, I can find something to wear when I'm out and about, but what am I going to do when I'm at home? That's why my sock drawer is full of mismatched pairs and old socks that have seen better days. The worst part is that it's not just me- my husband has the same problem. Well thankfully, Philosockphy has come up with the solution: the sock of the month Club. With this monthly service you'll never run out of fresh socks or struggle to find something to match your outfit again.

Benefits of subscribing to a sock club

Do you need socks? Yeah, probably. Do you have time to go out and buy new ones every month? Probably not. Sign up for Philosockphy and rest assured that you'll never have to worry about your sock situation again. With the Philosockphy sock of the month Club, we'll take care of all your sock needs--and at an affordable price.

How does it work?

Since its creation in 2008, the sock of the month Club has become one of the most popular subscriptions around. Here's how it works: Every month, you'll receive a pair of new socks delivered right to your door. What makes this club unique is that they offer over 100 different styles and patterns, so you'll never have to worry about getting bored with your socks. Plus, each month is themed with a different color or pattern- so not only will you get something new and exciting in the mail every time, but it will match your clothes for that time period as well. Finally, their customer service is top notch; no matter what problems you're having with their products or orders, someone from their team will be more than happy to help out.

Differences between services

Monthly plans are great for people who can't decide what to wear, or for people who want to change up their style every month. There are also yearly and quarterly subscriptions. The other benefits of this service is that you don't have to worry about shopping for socks ever again, and they come in fun patterns and colors that you might not have even thought of before. Finally, it's nice to know that someone else will take care of your socks; there's no more thinking about where to put them when you're done wearing them or if they'll go back into the drawer with the right pair.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of signing up for a monthly sock subscription is that you will never have to worry about buying socks again. There are so many types of subscriptions you can find, with some going as far as being personalized. Even if you get the generic version, you'll still be getting quality socks that will last much longer than what you would normally find at your local store. A lot of people also enjoy the opportunity to try out new brands and styles each month, including ones they may not have known about otherwise. sock subscriptions are also great if you want to give gifts since most people never know what size or type of socks their friends or family members prefer.

What's your favorite style/brand/material?

I like the socks that are made from a cotton/polyester blend. I find these to be light and breathable, but they're still durable and comfortable. They have an athletic style with stripes down the side or some other kind of stripe pattern on them.

But there are so many different kinds of socks out there, so feel free to experiment with all the different styles and brands out there before you make your decision. You can never have too many pairs of socks!