Does Your Sock Drawer Have the Blues?

Does Your Sock Drawer Have the Blues?

Every month, the sock of the month Club sends subscribers new pairs of cool and comfy socks in fun and exciting styles. And if you sign up now, you’ll also get two extra pairs of awesome socks absolutely free! What could be better than that? If you’re looking to shake up your sock drawer, subscribe today. We guarantee our socks will make your feet happy!

A Gift for Men Who Love New Socks

I always wanted to start a sock of the month club but never could get one going. If you love cool socks, like me, then you know how difficult it is to find good quality socks on your own. And when I do come across a great pair of socks, they're either no longer available or way too expensive. So I decided to launch The Happy Socks Club - a sock subscription box that delivers 4 new and exclusive pairs of designer socks right to your door every single month. Now there's finally a way for men who love cool socks and love saving money just as much! We ship out our first boxes next week and we're confident that The Happy Socks Club will fill your sock drawer with happiness once again.

What Kind of Cool & Creative Socks Are Available?

Did you know that there are over 600 different kinds of socks on Amazon? Many of them seem kind of silly. If you’re going to sign up for a sock subscription, you want your feet to be happy—not an eyesore. But if you do decide to give it a try, make sure you don’t fall into any of these common traps. Avoid novelty or cartoon socks and opt for more classic designs in brighter colors with varying patterns and textures (that means no camo!). And remember: your toes need love too. You should have at least one pair with toe separators (aka tabi). Here are 10 pairs that made our editors' list

Why You'll Love Having a Monthly Sock Delivery Service

The sock subscription service is a great way to make sure you have an adequate supply of socks in your drawer. You won't be left with that sinking feeling when you reach for a sock, only to find out it's worn through or covered in holes. You'll always have new, stylish and colorful socks that are guaranteed to keep your feet happy throughout each month. It's a fun (and easy) way to stay stocked up on socks without having to leave your house or breaking open your wallet every time you want some more!

Where Can I Get These Amazingly Cool and Creative Socks Made Especially For Me?!

The following companies all make socks specially designed for your feet. Some are for men, some are for women and some make socks for both genders. Check them out, try one out and maybe get a sock subscription service! And yes, cool socks are a great Christmas present idea! Not only will you be giving them something they might not have thought about before, you’ll also be sending them an item that will keep their feet happy and comfy throughout many months of winter. Your friends’ or family member’s feet will thank you when they don't have to put up with cotton socks that slip off or boots that just rub in all sorts of wrong ways.

How Did Everlane Come Up With This Genius Concept?

If you don’t remember, Everlane is a website that only sells high-quality products like t-shirts and sneakers. As it turns out, one of Everlane’s most popular products are its socks. In fact, they sell more pairs of socks than shirts or shoes. How did they figure out that people would pay $12 a month for a box of cool socks? Turns out that three years ago when Jun thought up her revolutionary idea, she didn’t start with her product at all. She started with her customers first and worked backwards to find what would work best for them—and then shipped it off to subscribers like clockwork every month since then.

How Long Has Everlane Been Around And Where Can I Learn More About Them?

Everlane is a relatively new brand and was founded in 2010. The company calls itself an online-only fashion retailer, but that's not entirely accurate. Although you can only purchase its products online, Everlane does offer a physical store location in New York City where you can go to have your clothes tailored or pick up purchases from your online order. You'll also find showrooms for Everlane in cities like London, Berlin and San Francisco.

How Much Do They Cost And When Will My First Pair Arrive?

The socks run $9.99 a month, shipping included. If you decide to opt out of a particular month, you’ll get charged for that sock when it ships. But if there are two months left in your sock subscription and you decide not to receive another pair, then we don’t charge you for those final months. In other words, once you join The Happy Socks Club, we promise never to charge your credit card without giving you 30 days' notice before each charge. This means that if your first pair doesn't show up on time or as expected (hey-no one's perfect), then neither will your second or third pairs because no charges will be made until at least 30 days have passed since your last order date.

What Size Shoe Do I Wear And Will Their Socks Fit Me?!

Just in case you haven’t experienced it yet, socks that are too small for your feet can wreak havoc on your toes. If you want your socks to last and feel good, make sure they fit well before you buy them. While most sock makers publish size charts online and on their packages, there’s nothing more valuable than a good foot measurement. Measure your foot from heel to toe—in inches or centimeters—and write down what size sock you wear on each foot. Then put together a sock drawer that looks great and feels even better.