Does Your Sock Drawer Have the Blues?

Does Your Sock Drawer Have the Blues?

Every month, the sock of the month Club sends subscribers new pairs of cool and comfy socks in fun and exciting styles. And if you sign up now, you’ll also get two extra pairs of awesome socks absolutely free! What could be better than that? If you’re looking to shake up your sock drawer, subscribe today. We guarantee our socks will make your feet happy!

6 Reasons You Need a 'sock of the month' Subscription

Although some people may make fun of those who pay for monthly sock subscriptions, these snarky comments ignore a couple of key realities. First, no one is saying you have to like your socks. You can wear them to a business meeting and throw them in your dirty laundry hamper when you get home if you want. Second, there are plenty of great reasons to invest in a sock of the month subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone else

5 Cool Things About 'Socks Of The Month' Boxes

We spend hours a day on our feet, and who doesn’t love being able to slide into something soft, warm and comfortable at night after a long day of work or play? That’s why it makes sense to invest in high-quality socks that can stand up to daily wear-and-tear (as well as your laundry cycles). Not only do you want socks that are made from quality materials that last, but you also want them to be cute. There are plenty of services out there for finding fun socks for adults—and some of them even include fun kid's options! Here are five cool things about sock subscriptions: Quality Materials : The best companies make their socks with quality materials so they last longer.

5 Awesome Socks We Found on Amazon

Are you looking for a great sock subscription service that will ship you fresh, cool socks straight to your door? If so, we recommend checking out one of these five companies. Whether you're on a budget or willing to splurge, you'll be able to find something on your foot's wish list. And if not, there are still plenty of other awesome benefits when it comes to subscribing to sock services: a constant stream of new and fun socks; an opportunity to support small businesses; and most importantly—great socks. So click through now and choose one of these five options. You won't regret it!

3 Reasons Why Everyone Will Love These 'Socks Of The Month' Boxes

When you think of a typical sock drawer, it’s probably not what comes to mind. Stacks and stacks of colorful socks can add loads of personality and fun to your sock collection. And with multiple subscription options, there’s no reason why everyone in your family can’t have something to smile about in their drawers! Here are three reasons why these unique sock subscription boxes are sure to make people happy: [...]

Where To Buy A Gift Subscription For 'Socks Of The Month'

There are lots of gift options out there for men (for Father's Day, birthday, etc.)—but socks aren't one of them. Most women don't think to buy gifts like socks for men either (although men love their cool socks), which is why we've had so much success selling our socks as monthly subscriptions. We offer sock of the month club memberships in which customers receive at least 12 pairs of awesomely comfortable and fun socks per year. Our target demographic is tech-savvy guys between 21-40 who work in office environments and want something fun to put a smile on their face without being overly corny.

Holiday Guide For 'Socks Of The Month' Gifts

Wondering what to get your dad for his birthday, or maybe a little something extra for Christmas to let him know you care? Pick up a cool pair of socks! We've scoured stores and done our research (i.e., spent way too much time browsing Amazon), so you don't have to. Here are five of our favorite sock subscriptions...