Do your socks say I don't care or I care too much? A sock subscription says I care enough to put some thought into my wardrobe.

If you’re like me, you have plenty of socks that get worn regularly, and maybe a few that stay in the sock drawer. I’m not much of one for matching my socks with my outfit, but what if I told you there was an easy way to make sure that at least one pair of socks shows up in your mailbox each month? That’s right, sock subscription services have become quite popular recently because they let you put in some effort up front and get hand-selected socks sent to your door on a regular basis. It’s like having someone else picking out clothes for you!

The Problem with Socks

A new start-up company launching this fall, Philosockphy is an online service that delivers a monthly assortment of three pairs of dressy and casual men's and women's socks right to their doorsteps each month at a flat rate of $12 per month - including shipping!

The Solution

Most of us wear socks every day, but chances are we haven’t given them the attention they deserve. Socks can be a fashion statement, an expression of our mood, and even a philosophical choice that reflects who we are. It’s time to change that by giving our feet a little bit of love with a sock subscription from Philosockphy!

Philosockphy is an online company that offers two different types of subscriptions: the Basic Monthly Subscription and the One-Time Box Subscription.

The Long History of Sock Subscriptions

Sock subscriptions are a relatively new concept that only became popular in the past five years, but it's one that has caught on with both men and women alike. These services offer monthly deliveries of colorful, comfortable, and well-fitting socks—and we're not talking about basic black dress socks here!

An old version of an advertisement for Sock Club from 1937 was recently uncovered by the National Media Museum in London—the first recorded mention of a sock subscription company!

Subscriptions can be tailored to meet various needs, such as going away on business trips (where you need extra pairs), running errands around town (where you just need one pair), and more.

Examples of Popular Subscription Boxes for Men’s Underwear and Socks

Many people have found that the best way to get a good selection of clothes without the hassle of shopping is by subscribing to a clothing box service like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, and Nordstrom’s Personal stylist. With these services, you just fill out a style quiz and wait for them to send you your box of clothes every few months. They make it easy for you by including tips on how to wear each item in the shipment, but it’s still up to you whether or not you want the items in your box. The best part is they all offer free shipping both ways!

Does your man have a lot of socks? Start here!

1) Identify his favorite colors. 2) Create a color palette that he loves and can wear with everything in his closet 3) Invest in an organized shoe rack, so he knows where all of his shoes are at all times

Here are 3 more ways you can help him get his socked situation under control

-A monthly shipment of socks is a great way to stay stocked up with fresh, clean pairs that are tailored specifically to his needs and tastes. If he's not sure what he wants, a subscription service is an easy way for him to try out new styles while keeping his favorite go-to's on hand (and in rotation!). -A man might not always be the best at remembering when he last washed his clothes, so we'll send him a reminder before it's time for the next laundry day! We can send him notifications based on how many days since the last wash and what items need washing. -Socks aren't just functional; they can also be comfortable, fashionable and even make for a great gift idea!