Do Your Socks Reflect What You're All About?

Do Your Socks Reflect What You're All About?

If you’re reading this, you probably have a favorite pair of socks. Maybe they’re your very own business socks that you only wear when you’re conducting important business meetings or giving seminars to clients and associates (we won’t tell anyone if they are). Or maybe they’re just your comfy, soft, cozy slippers to wear around the house at night after everyone else has gone to bed. But how do your favorite socks reflect what you want to project about yourself?

sock of the month Subscriptions

To get in on all of these trends, we can’t help but recommend a sock subscription service. Once you find socks that fit your feet comfortably, you’ll be interested to know there are several sock of the month clubs out there! For about $15 per month, you’ll get five pairs of socks (any variety) delivered to your doorstep. Because chances are, when it comes to socks, if you find a pair that fits and looks won't buy just one pair at a time. And who wouldn't want more cool socks?

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Sock subscription services started in Japan and are similar to traditional clothing subscriptions. Instead of receiving a shirt or a dress, you receive multiple pairs of socks at a time. Some services, like Bombas and Andrew’s Crazy Socks Club , also donate a pair of socks for every pair they send you. If you’re not looking to invest in new socks but still want your feet to look great, some sock subscription companies have introduced cool sock of the month clubs where they provide one themed pair per month instead of multiple pairs each time. Need to go sock shopping because you've exhausted your stash? Check out how-to articles like  How to Make Your Own Custom Socks . (Tip: These can be just as useful for tights!)

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Finding a pair of nice socks isn’t just about keeping your feet warm. It’s about presenting yourself in a way that shows you care for not only how you look, but also how others view you. Sometimes, a subtle wardrobe choice can be as important as an expensive watch or flashy car—and if you want to make an impression with what’s below your shoes, it pays to put some thought into them. That said, thinking too hard won’t do any good either: Most of our socks are sold to members who don't even know what they'll get next month. With our sock subscriptions and monthly club service, we let you discover different patterns each month without fretting over making decisions on your own!

How it all started

David, a typical 9-to-5er, decided he wanted to do something for himself. He had been in an endless search for socks that matched his growing wardrobe. He figured it would be more efficient if someone selected a variety of socks for him and just shipped them to his doorstep every month. That's when sock of the month Club was born. They even offer gift subscriptions so you can stay in budget while getting your sock game on point!

Making memorable ties

We all know ties are an important part of a professional wardrobe, but did you know that each tie can have a unique story to tell about your career and personal style? For example, if you have one long, thin tie and one short, wide tie in your collection, then you’re someone who is capable of adapting and doing a good job in any environment. This also indicates that you like to keep things balanced. If you’re missing that wide tie—and don’t have plans to buy one—then it could mean you tend to be inflexible or overly stubborn when it comes to change. However, if all of your ties are skinny ones, then it might mean that flexibility isn’t something that comes naturally for you.