Do You Wear Socks? If So, What Do They Say About You?

Do You Wear Socks? If So, What Do They Say About You?

Do you wear socks? If so, what do your socks say about you? Most people who wear socks don’t really think about it. When you go to the sock drawer or sock basket, you just grab whatever pair you need to wear that day and head out the door, throwing them in the washer with all your other laundry at the end of the week so they’re ready to be worn again next week. But if you thought about it more closely, would you still wear socks? Or have you fallen into this habit of wearing them because everyone else does? What if there were an alternative?

Don’t you ever get cold feet?

Everyone knows what it’s like to get cold feet in life. That feeling of dread or panic you feel before taking a leap or stepping up to try something new. It takes courage to do these things and courage is often associated with being cool-headed and unfazed. And while that’s true, there are other ways to be courageous without appearing so composed at all times. There’s a lesser known form of courage called Philosockphy and it means having faith in your abilities by putting yourself out there even though you feel nervous on the inside. This concept can be applied anywhere—from work to dating or any situation where you might have been tempted not to speak up because of those negative feelings (or anxiety) inside you.

My Favorite Brand

I'm a big fan of Joe Fresh socks. The selection is great and they're a nice fit (although I have bigger feet than most people). But my favorite aspect of these socks is that for every pair you buy, Joe Fresh gives one to someone in need. And not just any old sock; every pair purchased becomes a warm pair of socks given to someone in need. So you can support an amazing cause as well as your own wardrobe at the same time. Very cool!

Colorful socks aren’t just for kids!

Wearing colorful socks can send a message to others. I’m not talking about those crazy multi-colored knee high socks. There are so many colors and styles that it’s possible to wear a different pair every day of your life and never have to worry about repeating an ensemble until you turn 65! Wearing fun colored and patterned socks sends a subtle message about who you are and what your outlook on life is. And that’s only for starters; there are other messages people might interpret based on their own personal philosophy – I call them Sock Messages. Here are ten of my favorites

Novelty socks are fun and playful

We don’t want to assume that people who wear novelty socks are any less serious than their peers—just as we wouldn’t want you to think that our customers are all underwear-loving goofballs. That said, these two examples show how something so small (like a pair of socks) can really change your outlook and your behavior for that day—sometimes in surprising ways. These aren’t just stories about what happens when you wear socks; they’re also stories about how one seemingly inconsequential choice can spark an entirely new perspective on life. Whether it's adding a little more fun into your day or wearing underwear outside of the house (yes, it's possible), these examples should remind us all to get out there and try something new.

Don’t worry if others laugh

Your clothes and accessories are an expression of who you are. Having a distinctive sense of style is important because it gives others insight into your inner values and priorities. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look professional or polished, but if you don’t also have some fun with your wardrobe—then life can get boring pretty quickly. Don’t let what other people think about your style stop you from living how you want to live and expressing yourself in a way that only you can express. Take pride in what’s inside of you, no matter how weird others may say it is!

Laughter can make your day better

According to a study by Emory University, laughter increases your ability to withstand pain. It also reduces stress hormones and boosts your immune system, so go ahead and laugh when you’re stuck in traffic or experiencing some other annoyance—you’ll feel better for it. As for whether it is actually possible to have too much of a good thing: no one can say for sure; however, if you find yourself laughing until your stomach hurts more than once a day every day for more than two weeks straight there could be an underlying medical condition (like stomach ulcers) at play. Consult with your doctor if that happens.

How important is it to wear socks?

Just as some guys don’t think it’s necessary to wear underwear—and just as one day you may think you’re cool for never wearing socks—socks are important and can do more than keep your feet warm. But before we tell you why, first ask yourself how many pairs of socks you have in your drawer right now. Now ask yourself if any of them are non-matching. If so, do you wear them with pride? Or are they relegated to a dark corner of your sock drawer like an old friend from high school who hasn’t been invited to graduation or wedding in over 15 years?

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