Do You Want a New Pair of Socks Every Month?

Do You Want a New Pair of Socks Every Month?

A sock of the month club sounds like a great idea, right? But if you’re not careful, it can wind up costing you an arm and a leg. Here are some tips on how to find the best sock of the month club for your taste, budget, and comfort level, so you never go without socks again.

How Can I Save Money?

With price tags that hover around $10 for three pairs of socks, sock subscriptions might seem expensive—but if you do some quick math, you'll quickly see that they're actually quite affordable. The average family spends more than $1,000 per year on socks, according to experts. If you take care of your socks properly (i.e., keeping them clean and in a dresser), they'll last for more than 500 washes! That means subscribing to even one sock-of-the-month club can save you hundreds each year.

5 Awesome Monthly Subscription Boxes

The concept behind most subscription boxes is simple: select some products, assemble them in an attractive box, and ship it to your customers. And there are plenty of options to choose from. Many socks companies—like Sockguy and Happy Feet & Co.—offer sock-of-the-month clubs that you can order as a gift for someone else or yourself (or subscribe to as well). Once you’ve received your first box, leave a review; if you have positive feedback, others will be more likely to sign up for future deliveries. You can even get creative with what kind of socks subscriptions you offer—Happy Feet & Co., for example, allows customers to customize which pair goes into each monthly delivery (think something like Match these! on SnorgTees).

The Best Men's Sock Brands

Most men have socks in their sock drawer, but it's also possible to have an entire collection of socks. Some guys are even proud about their sock collections and more than happy to tell you why. If you're interested in finding out where to buy some cool socks, read on! We've got some great recommendations for men's sock brands for every budget and taste. Whether you want novelty or classic colors and patterns, there are plenty of brands that offer monthly sock subscriptions so you can change your style regularly! Plus many high-end designers like Barneys (which is featured below) now have an online shop where they sell seasonal clothing items like limited edition t-shirts and a new pair of awesome socks each month.

5 Stylish Types of Socks

Below you’ll find five types of socks that are both cool and functional. Find out where to get each, or if they’re worth your money. We know socks can be difficult, especially with so many different styles and variations on each type. But it doesn’t have to be confusing – we’ve highlighted five popular types so you can decide what kind is best for you! (1) Sock Subscriptions: If you like having new socks sent to your house every month, but hate shopping for them, sock subscriptions are for you. Basically all subscription boxes contain some kind of clothing item - usually a shirt - that changes monthly.

For the Fashionable Man

Save them for your sock of the month club. There are several companies that will send you a new pair every month. Some sock subscriptions cost as little as $10 per year, making them a great way to declutter and add value to your unwanted socks! This can be a fun gift idea too. I’ve given some socks away before – they made awesome birthday gifts and stocking stuffers! No matter what you do with your old socks, it's probably best to separate them from other laundry so you don't accidentally grab one or two in error when doing laundry. The picture on my post shows exactly how my husband organizes his sock drawer: by color, with all his active (aka currently worn) pairs placed on top.

What to do With Unwanted and Old Socks

We often purchase socks that are only worn once or twice, put them away in drawers, and then forget about them. Instead of throwing those unused socks away, why not turn them into an opportunity to have a new pair every month? It’s true—there are monthly sock clubs that allow you to trade your old socks for one new pair at no extra cost. Simply ship in your old pairs and receive new ones by mail on a monthly basis. This is such an interesting idea for people who love fun and trendy socks! A sock-of-the-month subscription club is also perfect for individuals with cold feet who never seem to find matching socks after laundering their clothes.