Do You Have the Coolest Socks on Instagram?

If you love wearing socks, you may be tired of the same old patterns and colors all the time! Fortunately, there are tons of cool sock brands and subscription services out there that make choosing unique socks super easy. If you’re looking to build up your sock wardrobe and take your Instagram sock game to the next level, read on to find out how!

Create an Account
Your first step is to create an account at a sock subscription service. There are numerous services out there, and all you need to do is pick one. Two of my favorites are sock of the month and Bombas. Be warned, though—this can become an expensive habit if you aren’t careful! A simple Google search will bring up dozens of other options for you to choose from. Just make sure you go through your company’s expense policy before signing up. Note: If your company has a clothing allowance, consider putting that towards socks instead of clothes so it counts as an allowance against your budget instead of going unused in your bank account. Make sure you find a service that ships internationally or you may have to stick with socks from home. To be clear, most sock companies only ship domestically within the United States or Canada—which means each shipment will contain one pair of socks unless they’re unisex sizes. But that doesn’t mean international companies don’t exist! Some creative Googling should help here. You might even turn up some mom-and-pop shops making socks by hand. Be bold and give them a shot! Also keep in mind that you may get a discount when ordering multiple pairs of socks at once (see #6 below). Want more control over what you receive? Then head over to Etsy (or similar websites) and order some handmade socks by independent artists directly.

Decide on a Hashtag
cool socks #socksofinstagram #socksthatfit - The best hashtag to use is a combination of two different hashtags. Use one with a few thousand posts and one with many more to hit both audiences. Make sure you don’t pick a hashtag that’s already being used by another brand or campaign. After you choose your hashtags, be sure to include them in each post description, so people can easily find your content! Using Hashtags for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign A Complete Guide for Small Businesses When choosing a hashtag, stick to general tags without branding; no one will search these tags because they could get anything. If you want something less broad than an overall industry tag (for example: clothing), consider using a tag for a specific type of clothing instead (like boots). Alternatively, specific brands are popular too—although there are typically fewer posts under these.

Choose Quality Pictures
Instead of snapping a quick pic in front of your full-length mirror, take time to choose several outfits that will look good with your socks. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one that can really help you get more followers. If all else fails, go with a selfie! There’s nothing wrong with showing off how cool you are; just make sure it’s taken from your best angle and doesn’t cut off any of those sweet new socks. Some people also use apps like SNAPSEED or SKRWT to perfect their photo. The better your pics, after all, the more likes you’ll see! Show Them Off! Whether you ask friends and family for help or try using special effects for some unique shots, there are plenty of ways to show off those sweet socks on Instasnap (or whatever app you prefer). Just remember: quality over quantity is always going to earn greater recognition among sock enthusiasts.

Add Some Intrigue in Captions
In addition to building up a strong visual portfolio, you can also make your account more appealing by adding some intrigue in your captions. While some people don’t like putting captions on their photos, as it cuts off part of their photograph, we think they’re a great way to add context and show what makes you different from other sock accounts. Putting together an intriguing caption is important because it helps create a relationship with your followers; in fact, many brands use Twitter to communicate directly with followers and drive sales through DM (direct message). If you’re trying to get someone who follows several sock accounts onto yours, then showing that you have something unique is key—and having interesting words in your captions will help do just that. Instead of saying thank you for following! or this week’s giveaway winner! try writing out what makes your sock subscription different. Are you sharing behind-the-scenes information about your business? Or sending socks straight from Italy, fresh off the runway? Letting fans know what sets you apart helps them realize that subscribing to your sock club isn’t just fun—it may actually be worth their time and money.

Ask Questions
Your socks are cool. Everyone knows it, and if they don’t know it yet, you will be sure to tell them as soon as you post a picture of your dapper feet on Instagram. But do you have the coolest socks on Instagram? If not, how can you get them there? We consulted with some sock experts—and some of our best-dressed friends—to give us a hand. It turns out that building a sock following isn’t rocket science; but following these steps can help you maximize likes and followers (and in turn, sock sales). Here are four ways to ensure that people start flocking to your socks like bees to honey:
Concentrate your efforts on sourcing unique socks: A lot of guys think that cool socks are just any old pair of funny looking foot coverings. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality socks start with quality materials—which is why it pays to search for socks made out of high-quality fabrics (cotton, wool, polyester) and/or feature details like intricate design work and fine stitching. If you’re not sure where to find these kinds of socks, a good first step would be to look online; sites like eBay can offer a surprising amount of variety, while sites like Amazon have begun stocking some unusual brands and styles in their marketplace. You can also always check local boutiques and department stores for sock shopping inspiration. Just make sure you stick to reputable sellers; if you don’t know who or what site is reliable, then it might be time to do some additional research before making a purchase.

Get People Involved in Voting
To earn points towards a sock-of-the-month membership with Sock Club, all you have to do is like and share our competition posts and tag your friends. The sock with most likes will win! Not only will you get cool socks sent straight to your door, but you’ll also be helping out a very worthy cause – as for every pair of socks we ship out, another pair goes to help someone in need. Happy voting! Write a professional blog post based off the following description: A customer account management team members has been harassing users and not meeting their quotas. Your instructions are to write up an email that will show them why they are not performing well enough and how they can improve. This is a company wide email so there could be multiple people receiving it, both customer accounts team members and supervisors from other departments such as marketing or sales departments. Use internal messaging service within your workplace Create draft copy and revise Use subject line Team Accountability Address all employees by name Introduce & explain topic Explain what accountability is Tell what positive behaviors look like What does positive behavior look like when goals are met? What does it look like when goals are not met? Restate CTA Restate ask Outline how employees can achieve goal Provide examples Make it easy to find (example ) Link examples Publish Internal Messaging Service Example: Hello [Team Name], I am writing to address some concerns I've noticed while observing recent practices of some team members. As you know, accountability is vital to [Company Name] success because without high levels of responsibility and reliability, orders cannot ship on time or at all.

Keep Up With Other Participants
If you’re like me, at some point you’ve said something along these lines: I don’t have time to keep up with social media! If that resonates with you, take a second and consider how much time it takes to read your email. Chances are, if you check email once a day (at least), then it wouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time to check out any social channels associated with your business. Take a look through who is following you; does it seem like they would be interested in what you share? If not, maybe there’s no need to continue sharing on those platforms. Determine which channel(s) has/have had success for you; maybe stick to one or two for now until you see results. It doesn’t hurt to get ahead of yourself—just come back later when your page has built up its audience. Consider setting aside thirty minutes per week to do some initial set-up around growing your presence on social media. Or, if possible, dedicate one hour per week during a specific time slot when most others aren’t as active so that you can establish yourself and create new fans before other businesses get there first. Of course, every little bit helps! And remember—when it comes to being an influencer in today’s digital world, work smarter, not harder.