December's One-Of-A-Kind, One-Size Sock

December's One-Of-A-Kind, One-Size Sock

A lot of people have heard of sock subscriptions, but not everybody knows exactly what they are or how they work. With our sock of the month program, you get your choice of colorful, bright socks each month from around the world! Here’s the lowdown on sock subscriptions, so you can see if it’s something that’s right for you or someone you know!

Join The Club

Join Philosocks and receive our monthly package of socks. From January to December you’ll receive unique socks every month made by a variety of talented artists from around The World. These artists take pride in their work and there is always a theme for each sock (for example December’s theme is pirates). The club costs $50 per month and your first package will ship immediately after sign up. You can choose to skip months at any time but we assure you that once you get a package from us you won’t want to miss a month!

We Are Known For What We Do Best...

Proudly Made in America since 2003, our Sharpest Philosockphy socks yet from our socks club are designed and hand-sewn to last a lifetime. Whether you're a traditionalist looking for something classic or an innovator searching for out of bounds features and design, our sharpest philosophy socks will have your feet resting comfortably in style. Our story is rich with heritage and tradition; business values that have stood strong over time. The attention to detail paired with craftsmanship means we always hit it out of the park with every collection. And if you're looking for an unforgettable gift that'll be enjoyed for years to come? Check out what we've got cooking up on our homepage!

New Color Options Every Month

Be on trend with one of our five new sock colors each month. Each pair is made from high quality fabrics in Los Angeles, then handpicked and delivered to your door—ready to show off. Not only are they fashionable and versatile enough for any occasion, they’re comfortable enough to wear every day. The socks you wear every day shouldn’t be special—they should fit right in without a second thought.

We Care About Quality and Excellence

We believe in adding value to our customers' lives by providing them with amazing socks that they can wear proudly. Each pair of sock is designed to fit you perfectly and will make you look fantastic as you take on your day. We hope you love our socks as much as we love making them for you! Happy shopping!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift - Men, Women & Kids

Get Our Sharpest Philosockphy yet from our socks club with a shirt and tie club membership! Which means you’ll be sure to feel sharp when it counts while giving your toes all they need. A 4 pairs of socks every month for $12 or two clubs to give as gifts for $24 (That’s 50% off!) and if you want to share it with someone special, here’s what we suggest: get your loved one their favorite pair of socks by signing them up for our Ties & Shirts Club. Let them know you love them enough to give then more than just one thing on their Christmas list! If that doesn't seal the deal at least send them a hand written card along with your gift note.

Join Now!

December is here and that means so are our most awesome socks of all time. This month we’re releasing our most stylish sock of all time—and it’s only available for one month. If you like philosophy, podcasts or anything else for that matter then you should probably check out our Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Ever. With these socks you get to add a little bit of hipster street cred to your everyday life without making any sacrifices whatsoever. In fact, they might just be perfect. Every year we sell over 2 million pairs of premium socks and that doesn’t include December which has been one of our best months ever due to things like these socks.