Cozy Valentine’s Day Socks

Cozy Valentine’s Day Socks

How do you show your love this Valentine’s Day? With flowers and chocolate? A romantic dinner out? A gift card to her favorite store? Whatever you choose, show it with something that’s not only thoughtful, but comfortable as well — like socks! The">sock of the month club Philosockphy has got the perfect pair of Valentine’s Day socks to set your sweetheart’s heart at ease. No worries about sizing, because she can return them if they don’t fit right.

Gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend

My wife and I were living in New York when we started dating. This made it hard to maintain a long-distance relationship, so I really missed her. And nothing says I miss you! like a handknit pair of socks (she loved them). When my wife and I moved back to our home state, she mentioned that she was going to take a sock knitting class for fun. Not only did I support her endeavor (because knitted socks are awesome), but it also sparked an idea: why not bring my own unique spin on gifts by starting a sock subscription service? So, from there, Philosockphy was born. Creating quality products while providing customers with outstanding customer service is what we're all about at Philosockphy.

How to make their Valentine's Day special

If you're looking for some new cozy socks for your sweetheart, we've got a suggestion: Try out Philosockphy sock club. Each month you'll receive an exclusive pair of cozy socks handcrafted by independent designers and artists. If your sweetheart is into design, or if they just love nice things (what's not to love?), then they'll absolutely love getting something special every month that they can wear and enjoy. Plus, starting a sock subscription means you're giving them something they can use over and over again—and it shows them how much you care. Even if Valentines day is over, keep these ideas in mind for when anniversaries roll around. We'd also suggest not waiting until Valentine's day to give them their first pair!

Why you should start a sock subscription

It can be hard to find a good pair of socks that fit, and we don't mean just in length (although that's important), but also with warmth and durability. Subscribing to a">sock of the month club is one way you can stay on top of your socks game, because you'll always have a fresh, new pair coming at you. And if you don't want to start buying expensive socks for every occasion, you can keep using your same favorite pairs over and over. By establishing a healthy rotation between old favorites and new additions from your sock subscription service (to use one from our co-op or find another one to try), no doubt it will make even better than ever before.

Why Philosockphy was created

Philosockphy was created by two couples that were looking for a fun way to stay connected on Valentine's Day, but also wanted to keep it from getting overwhelming with expensive cards or too much chocolate. What better than a">sock of the month club with nerdy fun socks! We have partnered with some amazing sock companies to design limited edition designs as well as our own original Philosockphy themed socks! Every month has a new theme and here is our February release: Love is in the Air - Candy Hearts Socks

Join Philosockphy Club

Nothing says love like cozy, fuzzy socks for Valentine's Day. Instead of gifting your sweetheart a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, consider giving her or him something practical—and just as thoughtful. Enter Philosockphy Club: the">sock of the month club, which is giving away a pair of bright red, heart-patterned socks in honor of February 14th. Each purchase is tax deductible and arrives wrapped up nicely in one adorable box per month. For only $20 per month, members receive not only a new pair of socks every month but also an additional gift based on what season it is when their package comes in! So now you can enjoy soft feet all year long with these super cute and durable socks from Philosockphy Club!

Live Support

It can be hard to find a good gift on Valentine’s Day, but finding unique socks is easier than ever. Philosockphy Sock Club offers a great deal with its 2-month subscription: two pair of cozy woolen winter socks for only $29.99 (shipping included). The company carries a range of comfortable fabrics, from a soft cotton blend to an extra-cozy wool/polyester blend. While these aren't socks you would wear every day, they're sure to keep your toes warm on chilly February nights when you and your significant other snuggle under blankets and watch romantic comedies together. And hey—you could even get more than one set of matching pairs! What a sweet idea for V-Day!