Cozy Valentine’s Day Socks

Cozy Valentine’s Day Socks

A philosopher once said, Give a man a sock and he’ll wear it for a day. Teach him how to make his own socks and he’ll never be naked again. Never underestimate the power of having warm feet! This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved one (or yourself) to cozy socks from Philosockphy, the online sock club that gives you the skills to get creative with your own sock designs while making it easy to find the perfect knit socks that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Welcome to Philosockphy

It's February, which means you're probably well into planning a romantic evening for your significant other. The issue? You want to do something unique and special (and still cozy!), but you don't want to break the bank. The solution: Philosockphy sock club. Every month, members get a">sock of the month sent straight to their door—and each sock is $10 or less. If a valentine's day gift you can wear around all month long doesn't scream special, we don't know what does!

What do you get with Philosockphy?

Your first month of socks is free when you pay for your subscription with a credit card. After that, you'll receive socks valued at $20 or more every month. Your first delivery includes an extra pair of holiday-themed socks and memberships start at $10/month. If you can't find something nice to say about your new Philosockphy socks, just return them—no questions asked! You'll also get discounts on accessories and shipping.

Where can I buy the socks?

If you can't find any where else, then check Philosockphy's store. They have a great selection and there's sure to be something that will appeal to you. Their socks are very reasonably priced and they get rave reviews from people who buy them. They also stock sock subscription boxes too so you can try lots of different pairs of socks without spending a fortune! Check out their store now and you could find yourself with brand new socks for next month! Best of all, if you use my code 'Juliez' at checkout, then I'll get 10% off anything I buy too! No brainer, right?

How many socks should I get per month?

That all depends on how many socks you tend to wear per month. Most sock-of-the-month clubs send six pairs of socks each month, but if you don't wear many different kinds of socks regularly then it's best to stick with just one pair a month so that your sock drawer doesn't get out of control. You can always adjust your preferences at any time by logging into your account and making changes to your subscription settings. Do you have a favorite style or type of sock? A suggestion box is available in every Cozy Club member's account where members can provide feedback on which styles they'd like to see featured most often in their monthly delivery. If you want more than one pair per month then we offer other plans like our 3-pair option.

Choosing my own socks

There are different types of sock subscriptions out there, but I chose a sock of-the-month club because they always send high quality socks that fit my feet. When you start getting into all sorts of socks, it can be difficult to find ones that aren't too loose or too tight. I'm not picky about what brand my socks are as long as they keep my feet warm and comfortable, but most other people like to choose brands according to their preferences. Philosockphy specializes in sending really nice looking pairs of socks each month. They have a wide variety of cute patterns that would be great for sending as gifts or just keeping for yourself!

The right size of socks

One of our recent customers shared a great tip. For people who struggle to find socks that fit, she recommends buying them two sizes larger than you would normally wear. So if you have size 8 feet, buy size 10 socks. This way they're sure to be a perfect fit when they shrink with your first wash! Whether it's your go-to short sock or that fancy pair you like to wear on Valentine's Day, we'd love for you to send us photos of your favorite Philosockphy socks and share how much you enjoy having them arrive in your mailbox every month! We've got more ways we can make sock shopping easier and fun; let us know what else would make having Philosockphy socks become part of your routine even better.

How do you wash your socks?

To ensure that your socks are in their best condition for as long as possible, it's important to know how to wash them properly. It might seem like a small detail, but if you use too much detergent or harsh soap, you can actually wear out your socks faster. And make sure that if you're using a dryer to dry your socks, they don't get heated too hot! Most of us would rather skip on time spent hand-washing our clothes. If you want great socks in a jiffy and don't mind taking the extra step, consider washing your socks with some vinegar instead of water (and no detergent). Just add a cup or two of vinegar to each load of laundry and allow them to air dry when finished.

I have more questions. What do I do?

That’s okay! If you have questions, let us know. Feel free to email me or tweet at me with any questions. I am more than happy to help guide you through our platform and answer any questions that you may have as we go along. We are hr rs!an aknehuotorap