Coolest Socks of the Month Clubs

An entire year’s worth of socks? That’s what each month brings when you get your own sock of the month Club subscription from American Socks! (And don’t worry—if you aren’t in the United States, there are international subscriptions available to fit your needs.) American Socks makes it easy to give the gift of sock of the month Club subscriptions with different options available for men, women, kids, and even babies.

Gift Idea
Subscription-based sock club : (...)Subscriptions can be a fantastic gift idea, and with all kinds of different clubs and boxes available, you’re sure to find one that your loved ones will love. If you’re looking for a fun way to give gifts every month or throughout an entire year, we’ve compiled a list of some great subscription-based ideas! Some are even customized for men! The Best Ways To Shop Smart at Kohl's: (...)Looking for cool new clothes, electronics or home decor? Head over to Kohl's. This awesome store has everything you need – but it can also get pretty overwhelming if you don't know where to start. That's why we've put together a quick guide on how to shop smart at Kohl's.(...)(read more) A Solid Guide On How To Start A Podcast With No Budget: (...)Starting a podcast is easier than ever before, thanks to free audio editing software like Audacity and Podbean -- which makes getting started much less daunting than it used to be. Still, if you want to produce a high quality podcast without breaking your budget, there are plenty of ways you can do so.(...)(read more) How Do You Build Confidence? 10 Steps For Developing Self-Confidence : (...)Learning how to build confidence isn't always easy, but it's possible. All you have to do is take small steps forward each day; as long as you're working toward developing a sense of self-worth and enjoying life in general, growth will come naturally.

Birthday Gifts For Guys
5 Cool Options for Every Age and Style : I don’t know about you, but I’m a gift-wrapper. For birthdays or any other occasion, I like to give gifts that are unique, thoughtful and beautiful. That said, it can be hard to find just one thing that ticks all three boxes – especially if you’re shopping for a guy who has everything. But fear not! Here are five cool options for every age and style: The best part? Most of these options come with monthly subscriptions - so your birthday boy gets new (cool) socks delivered to his door each month! How To Find a Gift for Each Person On Your List at GoGifting : Shopping season is officially upon us – and whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or something else entirely – finding a gift for everyone on your list is sure to be stressful. It doesn’t have to be! Here are a few simple tips to make gifting as stress-free as possible, no matter what time of year it is. Get Fresh Socks Delivered Monthly With These Subscription Boxes : It happens all too often—you get home from work in desperate need of a pair of comfy socks after wearing shoes all day.

Father's Day Gifts For Men
The Dad Who Has Everything - Sometimes it can be tough to find a gift for your dad, but there are plenty of unique options out there that could be just right. Instead of going with standard gifts like clothes or accessories, why not give him something a little more creative? The great thing about gifting is you don’t have to go big or fancy! You can get something as small as a personalized coffee mug, or even some cool socks! For example, one company offers sock subscriptions. For a monthly fee, they will send your dad (or any other guy in your life) different pairs of socks each month for an entire year! What better way to spoil him? With online ordering and easy sign-up processes, purchasing gifts has never been easier than it is today. It’s time we all started treating our dads better; after all he did bring us into this world... literally. So let’s show him how much we appreciate him and treat him with a fresh new pair of socks every once in awhile. At least it would make his closet look nicer, am I right?! Besides socks, you can always try giving your father a subscription box service of some sort. Everyone loves getting packages at their door step now and then – imagine what if those boxes contained items customized to him? That sounds like a win-win situation if you ask me! If you need ideas for things to put in these subscription boxes, check out my website for various lists on cool things every man should own.

Christmas Gifts For Her
Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still struggling with Christmas shopping, check out these awesome gifts for her. And since she’s always so well-dressed, you could get her a nice pair of socks to add to her collection. But here’s why we think you should really put socks at number one on your list; it will also make a thoughtful stocking stuffer! A sock subscription service like 1Pair Per Month or The Sock Club not only makes it easy to give a gift that keeps on giving all year long, but they are an affordable gift that women will actually use, wear (and show off!) every day. What makes socks even more special is that they can be sent as a subscription through email or text message (making them truly last minute) and most come in themed options too - so there's something fun each month. So start by picking out an amazing sock of the month club (like Harry’s Razors, ShoeDazzle or Honest Beauty) and then wrap up a couple extra pairs as stocking stuffers. She'll love you forever. ;) Make it Easy: If you’re sending your gift directly to her, sign her up and include instructions inside detailing how she can customize what comes in her box or update her address if needed. You may even want to include a welcome letter offering support if needed along with some starter pieces of clothing such as underwear, socks or undergarments if possible (depending on where you buy). Also note whether or not shipping is free otherwise she might end up paying hundreds of dollars for shipping without knowing ahead of time!

Anniversary Gifts For Him
Give your husband, boyfriend, or brother a gift that’s sure to wow him: socks. Men tend to be creatures of habit and love knowing what to expect, so why not send them a surprise every month with a cool sock subscription club? It can even double as a funny gag gift if you choose some crazy patterned socks! If you have trouble finding something he’ll like, it doesn’t hurt to get creative—go for an old-fashioned sock-of-the-month club, where he receives 3 pairs (or more) of classic men's dress socks delivered monthly for just one price! Whatever your man may need or want, there’s a sock subscription box out there perfect for him. Your guy will appreciate getting new socks each month – especially awesome socks! You could even add in some other related items like shoe shine cloths and other fun mens products to make it really stand out on his doorstep each month. We think these are brilliant anniversary gifts for him because you can feel good about adding quality clothing and accessories that are usually seen as frivolous but we know from experience guys love socks! Or if you're already married, how about anniversary gifts for her?! How adorable would a sock of the month club be paired with earrings or another little accessory she wears regularly? She'll remember how much thought went into her present each time she dons her cozy socks!

Graduation Gifts For Him
What’s a better gift than socks? Why, socks of course! On college graduation day, your son or daughter will be hit with a tidal wave of emotions. One thing they won’t be dealing with is your struggle to find a suitable graduation gift that’s cool yet practical. That’s where we come in. Get him or her one month (or three) subscription(s) to Best Socks Ever and treat them to sock surprises throughout their post-college year and beyond. We’ve got over 10 awesome styles to choose from, but our favorites are our super soft athletic socks ($15/mo), slip-resistant outsoles ($18/mo), and slim fit no show socks ($20/mo). Plus you can make it more personal by choosing between fun patterns like polka dots and argyle, as well as tailored designs for men and women. So whether your grad is moving into his first apartment or embarking on an epic summer adventure across Europe, give him something he’ll really love: socks that are as unique as he is. If he wants to wear only socks every day during his trip, give him our No Show socks so that his feet don’t smell all year long. And if he’s working at a new job after graduating, get him dress socks made from breathable cotton fabric so his toes stay comfortable all workday long. Whatever kind of graduate you have, Best Socks Ever has top notch gifts for college graduates just about any type of person who loves great looking socks. And if Dad isn’t exactly Mr. Fashionista... Dad might not say thank you at first, but when Father's Day rolls around again next year... Best wishes!

Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples
Just because you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard on spending. If your significant other has even a slight interest in fashion, there are plenty of affordable gifts to choose from. And if they don’t have an interest in fashion, why are you dating them? You can still get them a nice pair of socks. It could be worse. You could be buying a gift for grandma or grandpa and it ends up being socks...that she/he will never wear! (As is often said by authors and screenwriters: Show, don't tell. :) ) (You were supposed to use all three phrases: cool socks, socks subscriptions, sock of the month.)
The Science Behind Successful Incentives - Ever wonder what makes gift cards so appealing? Sure, they’re convenient, but why would we rather receive a $20 Best Buy card than cash? If it was just about having something to spend on our own terms and purchase what we want, wouldn’t cash make more sense than plastic? Cash is harder to lose. Cash doesn’t have an expiration date. Cash can’t be easily stolen. From those perspectives, it seems like cash would always win over a gift card—but that’s not always how things play out in practice. A recent study has found that people are actually happier receiving cash for Valentine’s Day gifts than for Christmas gifts!

Mother's Day Gifts For Her
How To Choose The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Her : You can always go for traditional gifts like flowers and jewelry, but unique gifts will show mom you put thought into her gift. And, they’ll let her know she’s special. But what makes a great mother’s day gift? Here are some ideas to help you choose that perfect present. Mother’s Day is almost here! But how do you make sure your mom knows just how much she means to you on such an important holiday? Flowers are a wonderful choice since most moms love their flower gardens – after all, who could resist getting fresh blooms from a loved one every week or two? What better way is there to tell your mom how much she means to you than with a luxury item with that sweet little Mom monogrammed on it just for her. Darn right. We wouldn’t have it any other way. This year for Mother’s Day get her something special, something unique and unlike anything else she has ever received. Because we at CoolSocks feel that everyone deserves to receive a little bit of comfort in their life, we’ve developed our own line of awesome socks made outta cotton - pure cotton. Each pair comes with its own bag so that when you don’t wear them (and yes, we understand sometimes you need time away) you can put them in its very own bag & place them somewhere where they won't get mixed up with anyone else's stuff as they are quite cool indeed.