Cool Socks for the Coolest People in Your Life

cool socks for the Coolest People in Your Life

How many times have you received a gift that made you want to say thanks, but I really wouldn’t wear this? If you know someone who could use some extra flare in their life, be it male or female, socks of the month club subscription boxes may be just what they need. sock of the month club subscriptions offer a variety of styles and colors of socks that are sure to make your giftee happy every time they open their mailbox. Here are some awesome subscription boxes you can order now!

Who can benefit from a sock subscription?

Anyone who wears socks can benefit from a sock subscription. If you’re looking to surprise your dad with something unique and personal, socks are an ideal gift choice. If you have a friend who loves to dress up and wear funky socks every day, they will love a monthly box of fun designs! The best part is that there’s no such thing as having too many socks! From workout and running socks to dressy ankle highs, we have cool sock styles that anyone would love to get.

What kind of socks will you receive?

You'll be surprised at how many people want cool socks. These aren't just any kind of socks, though. We're talking about socks that match your personality, so you can look and feel awesome! Our sock subscription is a great gift for yourself or someone you care about - we promise not to disappoint. You'll get 4 pairs of socks delivered to your door every month. Who doesn't like getting mail? Order a sock subscription today!

How does it work?

Basically, you sign up and tell us your size, style preferences and other information. We take care of getting them to you (you can even customize when they arrive). It’s a sock of the month club subscription where we find great socks all over North America. You can choose from any of our six different styles: Comfy Crews (men’s & women’s), Original American Classics (men’s), Luxury Fashion No Shows (women’s), Double Layer Cushioned Socks & Underwear (men's and women's), Casual Loafer Socks, or Organic Cotton No Show Hiking & Work Out Darn Tough Socks.

Add special touches to your gift.

Are you tired of giving boring, old socks as gifts? Subscription-based sock of the month clubs offer a fun and unique alternative. At subscription-based sock of the month clubs, customers can sign up for a monthly delivery of funky new socks that come in various colors and designs. The best part is that subscribers have control over their monthly sock selection. If they are particularly pleased with a pair of socks, they can choose to receive more pairs like it. On top of all that, most subscription-based sock companies offer different types of subscriptions including special interest (sports), holiday specific (Christmas), size specific (tall or small) and gender specific (men or women). These makes make a great gift idea for virtually anyone on your holiday shopping list! ...

When to give this gift?

Every month! No matter what your friends and family like, they’ll enjoy receiving a new, unique pair of socks every month. It’s an affordable gift that feels extra special. And if you want to give a truly memorable gift, there are even novelty sock subscription boxes on sites like Cratejoy that will make your loved ones smile with delight at their surprise gifts each month. They’re sure to be surprised—after all, who would expect a box of fun socks? Every time!