Become a sock monster and never worry about your socks disappearing in the laundry again

Become a sock monster and never worry about your socks disappearing in the laundry again

What if we told you that you can never lose another sock again? Sounds good right? Have you heard of Philosockphy? If not, then it’s time to discover this new service which solves the problem of socks disappearing in the laundry with their one-of-a-kind subscription box service where they send you socks each month based on your preferences! We talked to the founder himself and got some great advice on how to become a sock monster and why he created Philosockphy in the first place! Read more below!

The Problem

Philosockphy. It’s when you love something so much that you forget how to take care of it properly. When it comes to socks, I think most of us could say we suffer from Philosockphy. We wear them, wash them with other clothes, then throw them away because they look crumpled and ugly – not to mention our socks are now completely out of style. But why do we do that? What if there was a better way to store socks? Not only would our socks last longer (hence saving us money), but they might even improve our wardrobes...I’m looking at you, un-matching sock enthusiasts.

How Philosockphy Works

Philosockphy is essentially a sock subscription service, with one big catch: you won’t know what kind of socks you’re getting each month. While some sock-of-the-month clubs might send members standard white or black tube socks or crew socks, Philosockphy is all about surprises. Their professional stylists come up with 12 pairs of socks (three pairs per season) to match each subscriber’s preferences—that means that no two months are alike. That's right: no repeats allowed! Socks aren't exactly essential, but they can be quite comfortable if they fit well and don't slip off when worn with shoes.

My Results

I enjoy having nice socks, but shopping for them is not very fun. I have big feet and usually my size isn’t available at my local stores. And since every sock is different I end up buying multiple pairs of socks that are almost identical but are just slightly different. There has to be an easier way! And there is - it’s called a sock subscription. What is">sock of the month club? Basically you get sent socks or underwear monthly that fits you perfectly, feels awesome and looks great on your feet or behind. Some companies will even give you options such as special textures like aloe or silk, wool or cotton blends depending on what type of socks you want.