Awesome Subscription of the Month: Sock of the Month

It’s that time of the month again! A new pair of sock of the month socks has arrived in our sock club, and we love these things! The best part? Our subscribers get their socks at an exclusive discount, making them the perfect gift (and treat!) to give to that special someone in your life this holiday season. We’ve found that socks make great gifts because they are practical, fun, and affordable. And even better - our sock subscription service has free shipping on all orders, worldwide! So what are you waiting for?

What's special about this sock?
These socks are made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester for all-day wearability. But, wait there's more! These socks have a double layer on top so that they stay on your feet where they belong. You'll never have to worry about these socks falling off during high intensity workout sessions in your home or at your local gym! Next time you want to buy something great for yourself, skip some store-bought item and opt instead for one of our awesome sock subscriptions. We won't judge, but we will ship you high quality socks right to your door each month. What could be better? Join our exclusive sock club today! Your first month is just $5 and shipping is always free. We even pay for returns if you're not satisfied with your subscription... If a return happens because of an error we make we pay for shipping too! No questions asked here - just keep that 5 bucks :) See if you can go over 6 months without canceling - once you start getting socks every month it becomes really hard to stop haha! Our auto-renewal option allows subscribers to automatically reorder their favorite sock styles without having to worry about remembering when their next shipment should arrive. This new feature makes it possible for members to continue experiencing our unique socks while not requiring any additional effort on their part --all automatically included as part of your membership. Take advantage of our brand new Auto Reorder by selecting a pair of socks from our website (available immediately) and setting up your automatic delivery. From now on, you’ll be able to fill out that thank-you card by simply signing into your account whenever it’s time for another sock shipment. It doesn’t get easier than that.

How do you pick your subscribers' socks?
You don’t. We do. Every month we send you a pair of awesome socks to wear—and then we replace them with another awesome pair, so you never have to shop for socks again. It doesn’t matter whether you like fun socks or business socks or patterned or plain ones; they come in all different colors and sizes, and you get one every month—for as long as you want. If it’s not your size, there are plenty more where that came from—just pick another style when you sign up next time. We keep some ideas on our Pinterest board, but if there’s something else specific you have in mind (whether it be Harry Potter socks or construction boots), let us know! Just include that information when you join up with our online club. And once you sign up and start receiving great pairs of socks every month? Let us know how much fun they are! It helps other people make their sock-buying decisions... and makes them want to join too. Speaking of which, if you think that sounds like fun, just sign up below. It’s free, after all! Signing up is easy. Each month we'll find out what kind of socks you'd like to receive and set it up for delivery at a convenient time directly to your doorstop.

Why do they love it?
As a subscriber to several sock-of-the-month clubs, I've become a connoisseur of socks. These are by far some of my favorite pairs and I wear them every day. The unique design is something that really stands out in my wardrobe and I never get tired of looking at them. Not only do they feel great on your feet but their exceptionally durable as well. Let's be honest though, there's just nothing better than getting a new pair of socks!
The shipping was so fast too! It was obvious that our socks were packed with care and attention, arriving in perfect condition. If you're still waiting for summer to come, do yourself a favor and get these amazing socks now while they're still available! I can't wait to see what next month brings! And check out my sock subscription service here ! I've already got a few pairs picked out for myself! So what are you waiting for? Join our club today! We'll keep you updated each month on all new additions so don't worry about missing out ;) Your feet will thank you later. We hand-pick fun socks from around the world and send them directly to your door every month. You choose your sock style/scent, size and color every month when you join our monthly sock subscription plan (using secure credit card billing). There's never any pressure to buy extras or add-ons like shirts or coffee mugs with your socks - it's totally optional! Oh yeah - did we mention shipping is free? That's right, FREE SHIPPING EVERY MONTH. Period. No catch.

About us
Sharpest Philosophy is a philosophy-based clothing company in Boston. We like to think about philosophy not as a stuffy old thing for dusty libraries, but as something cool and practical for everyday life. That’s why our socks are designed with contemporary logos and themes that appeal to young people today. But our love for philosophy doesn’t stop there—we also host an annual sock subscription service so you can make sure you always have a fresh pair of Sharpest Philosophy socks on hand. When you sign up for sock of the month, you get two pairs of high quality socks every single month (12 pairs per year). You can pick between different levels depending on how much time your feet spend running around doing fun things. Join us in celebrating philosophy while also keeping your feet looking awesome! Use code SHARPHI at checkout for $5 off your first sock order. Don’t worry though, we won’t sock you in the wallet; shipping is free worldwide.

How can I get them to buy my product?
If you’re looking to increase your revenue, look no further than a sock subscription. And it’s not just socks—subscriptions are huge for businesses in many different industries, and for various reasons. For one thing, they provide a sense of security. Customers know that when they sign up for an ongoing service like a sock club or record club (remember those?), they don’t have to worry about purchasing again. They can simply sit back and relax while their products ship automatically every month. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. And because customers get something new delivered at regular intervals, there’s always something fresh to talk about. That makes running a sock subscription business all about marketing -- making sure customers feel welcome, asking them what type of socks they might be interested in getting each month, and generally keeping them engaged with all things sock-related so they keep coming back for more! Best of all, we handle everything when it comes to creating sock subscriptions—from designing our own custom packaging and labels, to sourcing and developing fabrics right here in America. All you need is an idea and some awesome socks! Get started by filling out our online form . We take care of everything else from there.