Are Sock of the Month Clubs Worth it?

Are sock of the month Clubs Worth it?

sock of the month Clubs have been all the rage lately. There are multiple subscription companies that are making it easier and more affordable to get quality socks every month, but Philosockphy offers something different from their competitors. Their sock of the month club offers not only quality socks, but also personalization and customer service that goes above and beyond most other subscription services available on the market today, making them one of the best sock of the month clubs you can get your hands on!

How it works

A lot of sock of the month clubs work by having you fill out a questionnaire about your foot size, style preferences, and shoe type. Then they’ll match you with one pair per month based on those preferences. If you want to switch things up after a few months, just let them know and they’ll swap out socks for new ones in your size (which is also how they’ll change up brands). And there are several other sock subscription services that don’t stick to monthly deliveries; some focus on holiday or seasonal socks, or send themed socks like tropical prints during summer months. Ultimately, it depends on what fits your needs best—as long as your socks come on time!

Email Sign Up

Have you ever considered signing up for a sock of the month club? I recently discovered Philosockphy, a sock subscription company based in London. Their socks are hand crafted and handmade from premium materials to give you an unforgettable fit. When I first signed up, I thought it was going to be another box that sits untouched in my closet or at best wears out quickly. But after receiving my first pair and wearing them around town, I realized that Philosocks had something going on with their brand! Most socks are $10 a pair but can be purchased as a gift for someone special for $40. Subscriptions start at three months for $20 plus shipping so I'm now saving up to get myself more socks!

Social Media

While there’s no direct connection between social media and sock subscriptions, many socks-of-the-month companies also have Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and blogs to keep their members in touch with all things sock. In fact, most sock companies highlight a particular pair or two in their monthly newsletter that would make a great addition to your sock collection. For example, if you like barefoot running (or want to start), we recommend checking out Bayard’s minimalist barefoot socks . We tried them out for ourselves and loved them. Plus—they’re great for everyday wear too!

Customer Service

I've tried several sock of the month clubs. Philosocks (and its sister service, TrekSocks) is definitely my favorite for a few reasons: 1. The socks are awesome, 2. They come in a beautiful box that I display on my coffee table (I mean come on), and 3. Their customer service is stellar—they respond to emails quickly and they're super-helpful! If you're looking for something to put your boring old birthday or Christmas money into, I'd suggest you get one of these socks from Philosocks (or TrekSocks). You won't regret it! P.S.: Do yourself a favor and try out some sock subscription services—it's fun to get mail!! :)