A Sock of the Month Subscription - What To Know

A sock of the month Subscription - What To Know

Boring stockings and socks may seem like the same thing, but not when you consider the sock of the month subscription service offered by philosockphy! With this monthly service, you’ll receive three pairs of designer socks every month – a brand new pair each month! This way, you’ll have a fun assortment of socks to wear throughout the year. You won’t even have to deal with those boring white or black ones anymore! The monthly sock subscription from philosophockphy allows you to enjoy the many benefits that come from wearing designer socks and high-quality ones at that!

Why get a sock subscription?

A sock subscription is a great way to have socks delivered on a schedule without having to order them online or deal with an over-priced mall. If you wear boots, run, or like fancy dress socks, you’ll be happy to know there are options for those as well. How do they work? Most sock subscriptions offer packs that cost $10-$20 and contain 3-6 pairs of socks. You can also find monthly subscriptions starting at around $25 per month. Like any other subscription service, it’s easy to cancel your sock of the month membership at any time by contacting customer service or going online and updating your subscription settings. Can’t remember if you already got that month’s pair?

Are there different kinds of subscriptions?

Not really. In general, there are two kinds of subscription boxes: 1) a product-based box, which is what most people think about when they think about a subscription box, and 2) a lifestyle box that is usually filled with full-size items or even items you wouldn’t normally think to purchase on your own. Think trendy socks, t-shirts, or kitchen accessories. And yes – we are talking about socks here! A sock of the month subscription has never been easier or more fun. It’s an exciting way to get cool socks and accessories delivered straight to your door. We have several styles and colors to choose from each month – meaning new pairs in your mailbox every 30 days!

How can I save money on socks?

In your search for cool socks, don’t forget about sock subscriptions. There are a lot of options out there to help you get more pairs of socks without breaking your budget. If you’re not sure what sort of sock subscription might be best for you and your style, here are some factors to consider: Do you want socks with patterns or plain ones? Is it a better deal if you can choose designs? Are cool socks that come in sock-of-the-month subscription boxes worth it? (Spoiler alert: They totally are.) Our top picks include Puddlegram, J & M Society Clubhouse, Bombas and Amazon Fashion.

What should I know about shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary depending on where you live, but generally speaking, for a monthly sock subscription, you can expect to pay about $7-15 in shipping costs per month. For example, if you’re in San Francisco and order a sock of the month subscription from an online retailer (like us), you would be looking at around $10-$12 in shipping every month. In addition to shipping costs, another good question to ask is: Does your sock of the month club only send out socks or do they also include other accessories? If it's just socks then great! But if they are sending other items too then be sure to factor that into your monthly budgeting.

Is this something for me?

The most important question you can ask yourself is, Is a sock subscription something that I would enjoy? If it isn’t, then don’t subscribe! Everyone has different tastes in socks and other items. Check out what people who have subscribed to sock clubs think about them to see if you are getting a good idea for what types of socks may be included in your box. We also recommend checking out our detailed guide for all things subscription boxes before making your purchase to make sure that you are signing up for a service that will suit your needs. Each sock club is unique so it is very important to do some research before making any purchases.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can easily cancel your sock subscription anytime by simply logging into your account and canceling. No need to hassle with customer service calls or anything. It’s good to know that not only do they make cool socks, but you can also cancel it if you want!

Do you have customer service support?

You know that's really one of your best options when you're a new seller and you haven't established much name recognition or market presence yet. You don't have to go with customer service alone though, a lot of successful sellers will offer their customers different shipping options. For example, I sell cool socks for men and women, if I'm shipping them to customers in the USA I'll offer free first class shipping as well as expedited options. Not only do these packages help to reduce shipping costs (free is best but having an option that ships overnight is great) it also gives me more flexibility on fulfilling orders because I'm not limited by what free class offers. So, even though customer service is certainly important think about ways you can incorporate other services into your packages too.

How many socks do I get in one month?

The best sock subscription boxes will give you 6-10 pairs of socks per month. The more expensive boxes can offer 12 or more pairs a month. Some even offer a unicorn pair, which is usually themed and seasonal, like Star Wars or Christmas designs. Always double check what kind of socks you are getting before committing to a box though!

Will my socks arrive monthly or all at once?

For many sock-of-the-month clubs, you'll get your first pair in a few weeks and new pairs every month thereafter. In some cases, like Dollar Shave Club, they'll ship your order all at once -- but there's a catch. Make sure to read their website carefully before signing up to make sure you know how often you'll be receiving your new socks. A lot of times, if you do sign up for monthly deliveries, they offer discounts on longer term plans that are then guaranteed to arrive regularly over several months instead of one package at a time each month. As with any new plan though... read all the details before signing up! Don't just rely on what you're told!

How do I sign up for this sock subscription service?

Start off by contacting a sock subscription service. Once you've figured out what type of socks are best for your lifestyle, determine how often you'd like to receive them and choose how many pairs will be in each delivery. Then answer a few more questions to set up your account and select your preferences. Before long, you'll be receiving high-quality (and hilarious) socks on a regular basis! The money-back guarantee is nice, too: if you're not 100% satisfied with your socks, return them within 90 days for store credit or full refund.