A Parent's Guide to Sock Subscriptions

A common complaint among parents is that their kids are constantly losing their socks—or leaving them behind in their haste to go outside and play with friends. Thankfully, there’s now a solution to this problem. Philosockphy Socks is one of the newest sock subscription companies, offering adorable, colorful sock options for both boys and girls each month to help prevent those pesky lost socks. Each pair of socks comes with cute designs and fun sayings—all of which can be customized to match your child’s personality. What parent doesn’t want more time to focus on other areas of parenting besides finding matching socks?

What is a sock subscription?
A sock subscription is where you pay a monthly fee and each month you get a new pair of socks in your mailbox. This is like having a sock of the month club! Some of these subscriptions can be very inexpensive ($5) and others can cost as much as $20 or more, depending on what kind of socks you are looking for (children, women's, men's). If you're looking for cool socks, I would try out some premium subscriptions that tend to have nicer materials such as silk and bamboo. Remember though, just because they come from an expensive site doesn't mean they will be comfortable. It might take a few tries before you find ones that feel good enough to wear regularly. You may even want to sign up for several sock of the month clubs at once since most will have a free trial period. Plus if you end up not liking one, it won't hurt too bad as they usually charge around $15-$25 per month unless you sign up longer term. To make sure you don't forget to cancel when you don't want them anymore, just write yourself a reminder note to cancel by a certain date that works with your schedule. Once canceling, remember to give them plenty of time beforehand so there are no fees involved and mail returns go smoothly. Usually 3-4 weeks should be fine but sometimes 6-8 weeks is needed for people who live far away. Just keep track of dates well ahead of time so nothing slips through the cracks!

Why get a sock subscription?
The saying goes, You can never have too many socks, and that couldn't be more true. We wear socks every day, so it only makes sense that we should choose high-quality socks that look great and fit well. A sock subscription is a fun way to support a small business while getting cool, unique socks sent right to your door each month. Here are four of our favorite sock subscriptions for kids (and adults!) On average, people spend roughly eight hours sleeping at night. That’s eight hours where you could either get one good night’s rest or eight solid hours awake—it’s up to you. Make sure you follow these tips so that when nighttime comes around, you aren’t tossing and turning , trying to find an unoccupied patch of mattress; you’re going to sleep like a baby. When people think about camping in winter they typically imagine sitting by an open fire, wearing huge sweaters and sipping hot cocoa. This might not seem particularly roughing it, but doing those things without first building some sort of shelter can lead to disaster–literally! There are several different styles of camping shelters available depending on how serious you want to get with your campsite, from simple tents to insulated cabins with full amenities . You’ll want to consider which style will best suit both your needs and situation before deciding on which shelter is best for you.

What are the best sock subscriptions?
Here are a few of our favorites: Foot Cardigan, Sock it to Me, and Philosocks. But what makes them so great? Are they just another marketing ploy that I’ll forget about a month later or will they actually improve my life? Here’s what we found out: 1) Foot Cardigan – These crew socks have a fun interior pattern that can only be seen when worn. They also come in kids sizes! 2) Sock It To Me – Sock It To Me has not one but three subscription options- socks for her, socks for him, and kidssocks! You can either select from their suggested monthly themes or customize your own themed box. 3) Philosocks - The concept behind Philosocks is cozy chic with colorful designs that appeal to both women & men. The socks are available in a variety of widths (thickness), including medium (11-12 calf circumference), wide (13-14 calf circumference), Xwide (15-16 calf circumference), XXwide (17+ calf circumference). With an average price between $10-$15/pair you may be thinking 'yeah right' at these prices...but here's why...If you don't think these socks will last, check out more details on how they're constructed. For instance, their striped socks are each made up of dozens of different individually-knitted stripes which gives each pair a unique appearance because no two stripes will match exactly. They use 100% Super Soft Merino Wool which doesn't itch like other scratchy wool socks.

How do I find more sock subscriptions?
The best way is to Google sock of the month club or sock subscription. There are a lot of them out there, but here are a few you can start with: Sock Box, Darn Good Socks, and YessieSocks. If you have time and want to do a little research, feel free to check out my picks for the best socks for men. You'll also find a whole bunch of options in my sock gift guide. cool socks don't just exist in menswear shops; some brick-and-mortar stores that sell items other than clothes will carry cool socks too! Try finding them at record stores, antique shops, bicycle shops... you never know what they might carry until you ask! Also remember that Etsy sellers can be great places to look for unusual or novelty socks. And if you're specifically looking for discount sock subscriptions (aka sock of the month clubs), be sure to check out my list of 18 places where I've found discount sock subscriptions. Happy shopping! :)
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Do I have to wear socks with my new socks?
Most sock of the month services send a pair of socks per month. You don’t have to wear them, but some members find that they enjoy wearing their new pair every day until they are ready for rotation. Some members even combine their monthly socks with other clothing subscription boxes (such as Stitch Fix or ShoeDazzle) and wear them on casual Friday with dress pants or business casual attire. It’s up to you! We just want you to look cool. That is our mission statement, after all...to bring joy to your life through socks. That being said - if your work has a strict policy about no visible socks at work, subscribe under an alias and receive packages at home! It’s totally worth it! And if you end up loving it so much that you quit your job to become a professional sock model, please email us! We want to hire people like you.

How long do these socks last me?
This all depends on how many pairs you order. Monthly sock subscriptions allow you to choose which length of time you want your socks delivered and they will send new socks when they are needed, so you should order as many pairs as months in advance that you want them sent. For example, if you wanted them sent monthly for one year then that would be 12 pairs of socks so we recommend ordering a 1-year plan. A 3-month plan would be 6 pairs while a 6-month plan is 9 pairs. And I’ll admit it: Philosocks may seem expensive at first glance, but in reality what do you spend per month on coffee (for only yourself)? Or better yet: How much do you spend per day? A lot less than $15 right? Yeah, well with Philosocks, you get 10 times more value than a cup of coffee... So really it’s only $1 per day! Think about that. Oh and don't forget: Not only are our socks awesome but every sock subscription comes with free shipping! We ship via USPS First Class Mail and delivery takes 2-5 days after being shipped out depending on your location. We also have International Shipping available; just message us if you have any questions or concerns regarding international orders. Bonus: Check out some of our other product offerings; Our shirts are amazing too! Don't believe me? Check them out below or here ! Also check out our website to see ALL of our products HERE . Please message us if you have any questions or concerns regarding product selections.

Great, but what if I want some more... ?
Philosockphy has you covered! We have a few different options for sock subscriptions. If you're looking for something practical, we'd recommend buying in bulk every three months. Or if you want to treat yourself, choose our sock of the month subscription where you'll get a new pair of socks delivered every month. Whichever option you choose, Philosockphy has got your back (or feet). For more information on any of these subscription types check out our pricing page. Additionally, check out some suggestions from other cool people who love their Philosockphy socks! #sohappymattandphil loved his heart-spotted socks. And #breakfastinbedmikael enjoyed her weather-themed ones and thought they were perfect for fall! Which one will you pick? Let us know in a review or by sending us an email! Happy Socks are trending among fashion bloggers all over Europe, it’s time America hopped on board.