9 Sock Subscriptions for Men That'll Knock Your Socks Off

How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer right now? Chances are, it’s less than the number of sock subscription boxes that are out there right now - and that number is growing every day! That’s because people are finally realizing how great it is to receive fresh, new socks in the mail every month - and we’ve gathered up 9 of the best options out there for you to choose from! Whether you like athletic socks, dress socks, no-show socks, or just plain old classic crew socks, we have something on this list that will suit your sock needs perfectly.

1) Fanchest

One of the best ways to spice up your wardrobe is to start wearing cool socks. Sometimes all you need are a few new pairs of fancy socks in order to change the entire look and feel of your outfit. This is where these sock subscriptions come in handy; they ship monthly packages that include 3-5 pairs of stylish, trend-setting socks so you can have some fun with your feet each month. If you're looking for a fun gift idea or just want something different than the old boring subscription box, check out one (or all) of these 9 sock subscriptions for men that will knock your socks off!

Sock Club - You get two pairs of fancy dress socks, one pair of athletic crew socks, and one pair from their signature collection every month.

2) Conksbox

The Conksbox is a monthly sock subscription service that comes with a new pair of cool socks each month. It's created by two friends, Ben and Nate, who understand the need for an awesome sock subscription service. Conksbox costs $19.99 per month, and they offer discounts when you buy 3 months at a time or 12 months at a time. You can also buy an annual membership for $179 which saves you about 20% off the monthly cost over the course of the year. Shipping is free on all orders in North America. As soon as you sign up, they’ll send out your first box of socks so you won't have to wait until the next month to get started!

3) Original Sock Club

What better way to start your day than with a pair of fresh, soft socks waiting at the end of your bed? Start your mornings off right with a new pair of hand-picked cool socks from Original Sock Club. Original Sock Club provides men with a monthly package of five pairs of quality, unique socks delivered to their doorstep every month. Every month, members will receive a package containing two casual dress socks and three pairs of fun active socks - featuring designs ranging from stylish patterns to playful cartoons. With the option to choose between crew and ankle length, you can customize your sock experience to suit the needs and lifestyle of you and those around you.

4) Maranao Tribe

The Maranao Tribe is located in the Southern Philippines and are best known for their embroidered textiles. The tribe has a long history of weaving, which can be seen in their famous ikat textiles as well as the decorative appliqué. One type of textile that they are known for is the kilim, which is made by weaving together cotton with wool, silk or other fibers.

Maranaos tribesmen are skilled at weaving and spend hours making these pieces by hand. They use natural dyes such as indigo, coffee and rice water to create bright colors such as blues, greens and yellow-greens on their textiles. As a result of this intricate workmanship, many of these textiles have survived today due to their high quality construction.

5) Freshpair

Freshpair offers a wide selection of the latest fashion, including socks. With an easy-to-navigate website, you're sure to find something that's perfect for you!

Freshpair has a wide variety of different subscriptions, but we think their six pairs of designer socks per month is a great option if you want to surprise yourself with new socks every month. The best part? You can cancel at any time. Plus, each sock comes in its own collector's box and includes two pairs of black dress socks and four pairs of casual wear or athletic socks.

6) Fitclub

What can be more boring than putting on a pair of socks day in and day out? Besides wearing the same underwear every day, that is. It's a pretty standard part of your morning routine, and since we don't see it or pay attention to it, we're often less inclined to get excited about it. And that's why subscription boxes are so great! They come with goodies that you don't typically give much thought to, but will make you happy each time they show up at your doorstep. If you want to add some excitement back into your sock drawer, there are plenty of subscription options available for men.

7) Tuxedo Box

Tuxedo Box is a monthly subscription box that sends subscribers the finest socks and underwear in the world. There are three membership levels (Gentlemen, Gentletmen, and Gents) that each come with different contents. Gentlemen members will receive 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underwear, 1 specialty item, and an accessory. Gentletmen members will receive 4 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, 2 specialty items, and two accessories. Gents members will receive 6 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of underwear, 3 specialty items (including one pair from Tuxedo's exclusive line), plus two accessories.

8) Uncommon Goods

Many people think of socks as just another piece of clothing, but the truth is that each sock has its own unique personality! Here at Uncommon Goods, we love socks and have curated a list of some of our favorite subscription services for you. Each service includes stylish socks that are made with high-quality material and features.

1. JOCKEY TOUCH (2-3 pairs) $22-$24/month – This subscription service delivers 2 or 3 pairs of fashionably designed men's dress socks to your doorstep every month.

2. SNUGGEES (3 pairs) $14/month - This sock subscription delivers 3 pairs of super soft cotton blend socks to your door every month.

9) Bombas

Bombas is a sock subscription service that sends you a pair of premium socks every month. They have three different plans: The Bomba Box, The Bomba Bundle and The Bomba Unlimited. The best part about this company is that they donate a pair of socks to someone in need for every pair purchased.