9 Men Reveal Why They Don't Give Up Sex and Become Devotees of Cute Socks

9 Men Reveal Why They Don't Give Up Sex and Become Devotees of Cute Socks

You’re not giving up sex, right? Even if you are, you don’t want to miss out on the great benefits socks offer! If you’re looking to take your sock game to the next level, try out these top reasons why men give up sex and devote their lives to cute socks. Plus, get an extra 15% off with code GETSOCKED15 at checkout!

1) A philosophy

There are a few schools of thought on what you should be getting up to in bed (or, you know, wherever else it is that people do it these days). If you're looking for an excuse to give up sex entirely and devote your life to cute socks, I'll let philosopher Bertrand Russell explain why: Marriage is a highly artificial arrangement, usually entered upon through mistake. Philosockphy sure has come a long way. (But seriously: sock of the month subscriptions are dope.)

2) The sock drawer test

How many socks do you have in your sock drawer? If it’s less than five, you should probably give up sex. Here’s why: when was the last time you actually wore all your socks? Chances are high that most of them are still tucked away, unused and unloved. Sure, they may be cute—but they’re also kind of wasteful. And I don’t mean just because they take up space in your dresser or closet (though both are valid points). The way I see it, every sock subscription is an act against Mother Nature—especially when there are so many great new products out there to help keep your feet warm in style.

3) I can’t resist pretty socks

It’s a sad, but true fact that I spent my first paycheck on a sock of the month subscription. Ever since then, I have been in a constant state of sock arousal. In my ideal world, I would spend 100% of my income on socks—even more if I could get cash back from shopping online. But who cares about practicality when you can wear cute socks? If you’re equally obsessed with your footwear (and who isn’t?) subscribe to one of these sock-of-the-month clubs: Stance or Knitting by Post.

4) Lifestyle hacks

We love it when men wear socks with shoes, but most guys don’t want to drop money on expensive sock brands. That’s why we created Philosockphy—an Instagram community that educates young people about cheap sock subscriptions, like sock of the month. Follow us @Philosockphy, where men can anonymously vent about their cute sock obsession without judgment or ridicule. If you have a few extra dollars per month, treat yourself with a subscription to your favorite brand!

5) The value of cute socks

When it comes to cute socks, I don’t think there’s a difference between men and women. Most people are drawn to pretty little things. There is something about cute socks that puts us in a good mood. And, contrary to what you might think, wearing them will not make you look like a midget who refuses to grow up. A great pair of cute socks can work wonders for your outfits—and boost your confidence as well. In fact, when I see someone with awesome (or funny) socks on, I’m immediately intrigued. It makes me want to strike up a conversation with them just so I can ask where they got their socks from or how long they wore them before removing their shoes in public! .

6) Bringing them along on trips

Philosockphy - For me, a sock subscription is about more than getting my socks delivered. It’s about having something to look forward to. It’s about knowing that, whenever I pack for a trip, I don’t have to decide whether or not I should take nice socks – as if nice socks are somehow inherently better than cute ones. My cute socks are my every-day socks now, because these subscriptions have made it so easy for me to have access to them at all times. Every time I pack for an overnight trip, I throw them in there with everything else: underwear, t-shirts, formal wear and hoodies.

7) Quality over quantity

Sure, socks subscriptions are kinda silly, but do you really want to stop all fun activities in life? It’s easy to prioritize how much time you should spend doing things like working out or sleeping. But it’s harder to face that same question when it comes to hobbies or everyday pleasures. Shouldn’t we cut back on things like sex or eating sweets (or watching Netflix) in order to devote our lives to a sock subscription service? This philosophy may seem counterintuitive, but if you think about it, focusing on improving quality makes total sense. After all, wouldn’t life be better if you got more enjoyment out of every activity you did each day?

8) Always able to find a pair

Having trouble getting out of bed? No problem! Slip on a pair of super comfy socks, lounge around in them for a bit, and—whoosh!—you're energized enough to tackle anything. Need a pick-me-up mid-afternoon? Head straight to your sock drawer (or Philosockphy) for some instant happiness. If you need one more reason to ditch your partner in favor of cute socks, our sock-of-the-month club offers all kinds at an amazing value. Not ready to give up sex yet? We don't blame you: where else can you find such a special connection with another human being? But if you just can't resist any longer, remember that cute socks don't judge. Subscribe today!

9) They go with everything

From jeans to suit pants, socks add a level of stylishness that can elevate any outfit. Sure, they take up space in your drawer, but they are much more versatile than jackets or sweaters. The only thing better than a pair of well-coordinated socks is a collection of cute socks that you'll never get tired off (because you know exactly what to expect from them). A sock subscription box is like a surprise present every month with new styles arriving just in time for spring—without all those pesky romantic relationships getting in your way.