9 Men Reveal Why They Don't Give Up Sex and Become Devotees of Cute Socks

9 Men Reveal Why They Don't Give Up Sex and Become Devotees of Cute Socks

You’re not giving up sex, right? Even if you are, you don’t want to miss out on the great benefits socks offer! If you’re looking to take your sock game to the next level, try out these top reasons why men give up sex and devote their lives to cute socks. Plus, get an extra 15% off with code GETSOCKED15 at checkout!

1) I really like cute socks

I love cute socks. I'm a total sock snob and if it's not one of my favorite brands, I don't wear it. So, yeah, it takes a lot for me to give up sex in favor of cute socks. If you want to make that trade-off though - go right ahead! There are some really great sock subscription services out there like Philosockphy or sock of the month Club. Whatever your passion is, someone has probably put together a pretty solid sock subscription service! Enjoy!

2) Getting a surprise package with all different kinds of socks is like getting a present every month

I never expect it, I'm always curious about what kinds of socks I'll get, and, as a dude who is into fashion, I actually find them kind of fun to wear. Of course these gifts are usually more fun if you share your passion with someone else; my wife, for example, loves cute socks too. That's why we subscribe to a sock-of-the-month club called Philosockphy. Every month we receive a new pair that fits our style preferences or theme (such as bold colors or red themed pairs). It's something to look forward to each month—not just because of the surprise but also because it helps keep our relationship fresh and interesting.

3) I want to be close with my Philosockphy Sister

In our annual sisterhood survey, we asked respondents to share why they love Philosockphy and what they appreciate most about their monthly sock subscriptions. Here are some responses: I really enjoy getting a package in my mailbox with fun socks every month. It's like getting a little surprise each month that brightens my day. I've got all kinds of girlfriends but I don't have any sisters so I think of each 'Sock Sister' as a close sister who just happens to live on another continent. It feels like summer camp! Each month, I look forward to my package from Philosockphy with great anticipation... You always send such thoughtful pairs, especially for those hard-to-shop-for men in our lives!

4) The price point makes it affordable

While you might balk at dropping big bucks on a single pair of socks, these sock subscriptions are relatively affordable. For example, Huckberry's introductory sock subscription is $12 per month. That may seem like a lot for something you wear on your feet, but consider that socks can last years with proper care and it’s well worth paying an extra few dollars to ensure they stay in good shape. Plus, once you have a few pairs in rotation (and clean socks aren’t just for work), it becomes easier to justify splurging on designer pairs that will last longer than your $12 subscription socks—especially if they're made from higher-quality materials or reinforced with Kevlar.

5) Exclusive offers make me look cool when I wear them

Sock subscriptions appeal to a guy’s sense of luxury and comfort. We have enough stuff in our lives, so why not add a few pairs of socks that you can look forward to each month? By signing up for such an opportunity, you’re essentially saying I value myself more than most men. And who doesn’t want that for themselves? As one man put it, If I don’t [keep my subscription] now, what would happen when all my socks wear out? The truth is we all want a little excitement in our lives; sock subscriptions are just one way to get it.

6) Some women give up sex but I've found the next best thing

I give up sex and join a sock-of-the-month club. These aren't just any socks. No, no. These are socks that make me feel good about myself, allow me to do good for others, increase my productivity at work, save me money and create an awesome collection (and in some cases even help our planet.) What's not to love? You know what else is awesome? Giving your lady something as thoughtful as a sock of the month club membership during her birthday or Valentine's Day! She'll love you for it.

7) My significant other loves receiving cute socks in her mailbox (and so do my friends)

they’re cheap, fun to gift, don’t take up much space in our homes or dressers—and there’s something delightfully cheeky about wearing them with a skirt or dress. But cute socks can be frustratingly hard to find. Lately I’ve been asking guys if they’d consider giving up sex for cute socks. While they were all tempted by my sock-of-the-month offer, most men told me that cute socks are just one way they cope with their addiction to sex—so it seems pretty unlikely that we’ll see an uprising against intercourse anytime soon...

8) What about you? What's your sock philosophy?

I have five pair of socks that I wear on rotation, says Franco. The rule is, every three days, wash them all. You can’t go overboard with socks or your drawers get too full. But you can’t be stingy, either; otherwise your feet will hurt. This way you always have clean socks to wear, but you're not breaking open a new pack every time one gets dirty—which may sound like a little thing, but it's so not worth it. He suggests purchasing brands like JCPenney's line because they're available everywhere at affordable prices in every color under the sun (or rainbow). What more could a sock devotee ask for? Remember: There's no such thing as having too many cute socks!