9 Great Sock Subscription Boxes

9 Great Sock Subscription Boxes

Socks make great gifts, but shopping for them can get monotonous and expensive if you’re buying them every time you need to put a gift together. Fortunately, some companies have realized this, and started offering sock subscription boxes so that you don’t need to buy socks again! If you want to give your loved ones the gift of socks but find yourself at a loss when it comes to buying them, check out these sock subscription boxes that deliver fresh pairs of socks right to your door every month.

1) The Anatomy of a Good Sock

There are a few key characteristics that make up a good sock. First and foremost, it must be comfortable. After all, what’s even the point of wearing socks if they don’t feel good on your feet? Secondly, it should help keep your feet dry and maybe even cool or warm them depending on whether you have a penchant for cold or warm feet. Finally, it should last for a long time without getting stretched out or frayed (unlike some of my favorite socks). While most would say that material is one of these characteristics, I think there’s more to material than meets the eye when it comes to socks. So let me tell you about each of these nine great sock subscription boxes!

2) What Makes a Great Pair of Socks?

Socks are kind of like ties, or rather, some socks are. Most people have a few favorite pairs that they wear to weddings and funerals, but for day-to-day use, it’s hard to beat a pair of good ol’ tube socks. The problem is that there are so many different types of socks on the market today: ankle high, low cut, cushioned heel and toe...the list goes on. However with all those options, not all socks are made equal.

3) What Is the Meaning of No Show in an Athletic Sock?

In traditional athletic socks, no show (sometimes called athletic cut) means that you can wear these socks with both shoes and sneakers, since they have a higher ankle than most crew-cut or dress socks. No show athletic socks are also lighter and thinner because they don’t have to protect your ankle from abrasion; there’s also less material between your foot and shoe, so comfort is enhanced. If you like wearing athletic-cut socks with all types of shoes, it means you need to find a brand that fits perfectly in shoes and feels great against your skin.

4) Unisex vs. Men’s vs. Women’s

Unisex socks are those socks that fall into a genderless gray area. They’re not really made for men, nor are they exactly made for women. You know those beige or black dress socks you see people wearing in offices? They’re unisex socks. Unisex doesn’t mean they don’t fit well though, it just means that these types of socks aren't made specifically to meet one specific group's needs. Many sock subscription boxes offer unisex selections so that everyone can benefit from them.

5) The Price Range Between $5 and $15

Most sock subscription boxes, with a few exceptions, cost between $5 and $15 per month. With these subscriptions you’ll typically get between two and five pairs of socks in each shipment. While these boxes won’t necessarily have designer-name brands like Stance or Darn Tough, they will offer socks from quality manufacturers and will likely be significantly cheaper than similar offerings from online shops or retail stores. When you pay for a pair of socks through a subscription service, you are only paying for shipping—the price you see is just for shipping to your doorstep!

6) Materials, but Not All Are Created Equal

As you shop for sock subscription boxes, you’ll notice they come in a variety of different materials. It’s important to know that each material comes with its own pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for before choosing a subscription box based on material. When it comes to socks, polyester is generally easier to wear but may be prone to linting. Cotton can get stinky but will wear longer (ideal if you plan on wearing your socks multiple times). Wool is breathable and great for moisture wicking but may be too hot for some.

7) Here Are 8 Different Kinds of Athletic Socks

The vast majority of men in America wear athletic socks. But there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sock. Different types are made to fit different sports and various activities, so before you do any serious shopping for athletic socks, it’s important to know what kind is best for your particular needs. Here are some of our favorites