9 Fun Sock Subscriptions to Spoil the Man in Your Life

9 Fun Sock Subscriptions to Spoil the Man in Your Life

For the sock-lover in your life, why not sign him up to one of these fun sock subscription boxes? Whether he’s looking for something to keep his feet warm during cold weather or just likes getting socks as gifts, he’ll find himself happy and spoiled every month with these options. Best of all, each of these subscriptions comes from known brands that you can trust! Check out the list below to see the details on each subscription box and decide which will be perfect for your loved one!

1) Club Socks - Monthly Men's Fashion, Style, & Tech

Club Socks is a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh, new pairs of socks right to your door. Club Socks subscribers enjoy 2-5 pairs of high-quality socks every month in their favorite color and style. The socks are sourced from around the world and delivered straight to your doorstep. Club Socks helps you stay up on current trends with styles like no show socks, argyle, anklets, and more. Plus they offer different sock lengths (knee high, ankle length) so you can choose what fits best with your wardrobe. You'll never have to worry about running out of clean socks again!

2) Knitpicks - Handmade and Hand Picked

Knitpicks is a sock subscription service that sends you hand-picked, handmade socks from independent artisans. Their Philosockphy is Socks for the discerning, adventurous and creative person. They offer three different types of subscriptions: monthly for $24.95 with two pair of socks per month; bi-monthly for $24.95 with four pair of socks per year; and quarterly for $24.95 with six pair of socks per year.

Every shipment comes with a free surprise, such as an extra pair of socks or a small gift like a beanie or keychain. You can also add on extras like hats or stickers at checkout if you're feeling wild and crazy!

3) One Month - Exclusives by Amazon

Philosockphy is a monthly men's sock subscription that delivers 4 pairs of socks each month. Choose from a variety of themes or order one of our exclusive Amazon-themed boxes. Shipping is always free, and we offer monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. Get your gift now with coupon code MERRY25 for 25% off your first box!

4) Jibbitz Club - For Sneakerheads

We know what you're thinking. Socks? Really? But guess what, they make a big difference. In fact, it's not just about how they look on your feet or the way they keep your toes warm and cozy - socks can actually help determine how you move, which has an impact on your entire body. And while there are plenty of benefits to wearing socks, here at Jibbitz Club we believe that it should be a little more fun than just functional. That's why we've selected 9 of our favorite sock subscriptions for men - from patterns to color options and more!

1) Philosockphy - These playful designs are sure to brighten any day and will have him grinning from ear-to-ear when he opens up his mail box!

5) The Golden Tux - Monthly Groomsman Gifts

The Golden Tux is a monthly subscription for groomsmen gifts. Each month, you'll receive a package with one or two items worth $30 or more from us. All of our items have been hand-selected and are exclusive to The Golden Tux. We believe that getting ready for your wedding day should be an exciting process, not stressful one. That's why we've curated these thoughtful monthly packages specifically for you and your pals. There's no commitment either, as you can cancel anytime - no strings attached!

6) Awesome Pack of Awesomeness - Customized Clothing Subscription

Awesome Pack of Awesomeness is a subscription service that delivers a monthly package of awesome clothes, socks, and accessories customized to your style. Each pack contains one full outfit including socks, shirt, pants and shoes. They also offer three different sizes so you can be confident that your clothes will fit! Awesome Pack of Awesomeness is our newest subscription service for men.

7) Mister Hyphen - A New Pair Every Day!

Mr. Hyphen is a new sock subscription service that delivers a new pair of socks to your door every day, Monday through Friday. The socks are all designed by independent designers and are made with 100% cotton fibers for exceptional comfort. Mr. Hyphen offers two different subscription plans, one for men and one for women.

8) VintageTees Club - New Tees from Old Ones

VintageTees Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers new, vintage style t-shirts right to your door. Each month they send out two unique vintage tees and a care guide so you can keep your vintage wear looking fresh. You will receive one shirt from the past and one from the present for both men and women with sizes ranging from XXS-XXL. It's like receiving a gift every month!

9) Bespoke Post Box - The All-American Box for Gentlemen

A bespoke box for gentlemen, The All-American Box for Gentlemen is a quarterly subscription service that curates a themed collection of socks and underwear. From sports socks and polo style briefs, to argyle patterned socks and microfiber boxer briefs, each themed box delivers quality men's essentials that are made with comfort and care. Starting at $25 per quarter, this gift of personal care will delight any man who needs new kicks.

Bespoke Post Box - The All-American Box for Gentlemen is perfect for stocking stuffers or as part of a larger gift.