9 Fun Sock Subscriptions for the Modern Man

9 Fun sock subscriptions for the Modern Man

If you’re like most guys, you probably have some holes in your sock collection that need filling, whether due to worn-out pairs or the odd mismatched sock left over from washing day. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get socks without leaving the house, and these subscription box services make it even easier than ever before. Check out these 9 fun sock subscription boxes for men before your next laundry day!


1) The Dapper Sock Club

The Dapper Sock Club is a monthly men's sock subscription that brings you cool socks at your doorstep each month. Each box includes one pair of ankle socks, one pair of crew socks and one fun dress sock to mix things up! You'll have 12 months of awesome apparel to choose from. You can cancel or skip anytime.


2) Say it with a Sock

Socks are one of those items that most people don't think about but still like to have. They're great for keeping your feet warm and making an outfit look put together. Plus, they can be really fun and make a boring outfit more exciting. That's why socks make such a great gift!
If you're looking to buy socks as a gift or just want some new ones, check out these nine awesome sock subscriptions! There are subscriptions with crazy color dress socks and funky crew socks. Whether you're looking for colorful ankle socks or fun dress socks, there is something on this list that will please anyone who is into cool mens socks.


3) subscription

One of the best ways to get socks is by signing up for a subscription box. These are monthly subscriptions, and they can be customized based on what you like. The company will send you a new pair of socks every month with things like crazy color dress socks, fun dress socks, or even funky men's ankle socks so that you can stay stocked up on your favorite pairs. Some subscriptions also come with free stuff like tote bags and coffee mugs - which is always nice!


4) Smart Turnout

Smart Turnout is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers a curated selection of high quality, colorful socks to your doorstep. They offer two different subscription options: monthly and quarterly. You can either sign up for one or three months at a time. The socks are delivered in an individual, reusable USPS Flat Rate envelope so you don't have to worry about missing packages. And if you're looking for just one pair of cool socks, they also offer an Add-on Pair option!


5) The London Sock Company

The London Sock Company is a Men's sock subscription service that provides an awesome monthly sock box of high quality and unique socks. This is not your average sock subscription - we keep it fresh with an assortment of fun and colorful styles, including cool crew socks and crazy color dress socks. With our monthly subscriptions you'll receive a curated box of 4-6 stylish pairs of durable, high-quality men's socks in a range of colors, patterns and prints. We strive to create the ultimate gift experience with our fun men's ankle socks or colorful socks for men!


6) The Chelsea Cobbler

The Chelsea Cobbler is a fun sock subscription service that sends men two new pairs of socks in each shipment. The socks are always matched to their recipients preferences, so you never have to worry about getting socks you don't like. You can choose from a variety of different options to find just what you're looking for--from ankle socks and crew socks, to colorful and crazy color dress socks. We also offer plenty of sizes so that we'll always have the perfect size for your feet. Starting at $12 per month, The Chelsea Cobbler is a great way to keep your feet happy!


7) Chalk + Cheese

1) For cool socks, he can subscribe to a sock of the month club like The Urban Company or Chalk + Cheese. These both send monthly deliveries of five pairs of socks. 2) For awesome crew socks that don't have to be in a specific color, check out The Urban Company's Muddy Crew Crew ankle socks or Chalk + Cheese's Cotton Crew ankle socks. 3) There are also subscriptions for ankle socks - like Daily Dose of Dapper and Stance. 4) If you're looking for something more colorful and funky, there are options like crazy color dress socks or Fun Men's ankle socks.


8) Dapper Gentleman

Gift yourself or a loved one with a subscription to Dapper Gentleman, which sends out packages of five pairs of colorful socks each month. It's the best sock subscription service on the market, and it even includes free shipping in both Canada and US! The company has a 'No-Bullsh*t' policy, meaning you can trust that they won't send you any low-quality socks.
Dapper Gentleman is more than just socks, though - they also offer other men's accessories like bowties.
We're all about quality here at Dapper Gentleman, so we don't offer any flimsy cotton material to be found. From our signature colors to our finest materials, there's no reason not to sign up!


9) The London sock Exchange

The London sock Exchange offers an awesome sock subscription service that has something for everyone. Members can enjoy a monthly delivery of cool socks, including ankle socks and crew socks, as well as fun dress socks and crazy color dress socks.
Membership includes shipping to anywhere in the world, while subscriptions are very reasonable starting at just $14.99/month.
There is also a gift option if you're looking to buy cool socks as a present!