9 Fun Sock Subscriptions for Men Who Want the Best Socks

9 Fun sock subscriptions for Men Who Want the Best Socks

The best way to make sure your socks don’t get old and worn out before they even get used is to start a sock subscription box. Whether you want ankle, over-the-calf, dress, sports or other styles of socks, there are plenty of great subscription boxes you can choose from to make sure you never have to wear holey socks again! Here are 9 fun sock subscriptions that any man would love to receive in the mail every month.


1) These are all amazing, but we think you should choose our socks

Socks are a very important part of life. They keep your feet warm, your shoes from getting dirty, and they make you look stylish. At The Sock Drawer, we have a variety of fun socks that suit everyone's needs - from fun ankle socks to crazy crew socks! You can get a new pair every month or just grab one at random whenever you need some new kicks. There are also tons of men who prefer dressy socks to casual ones, and our selection caters to their needs as well. Here is a list of some our top picks:
- crazy color dress socks: If you want something more formal and understated but still want to put in some color into your outfit then these are perfect for you!


2) What makes us better than any other sock company?

What makes us better than any other sock company? We believe that when you buy a gift, or just treat yourself to something nice, you shouldn't have to settle. You should only get socks that are of the utmost quality - and we're committed to providing nothing less. Our socks are made from premium cotton, so they'll last long and feel good on your feet all day. Plus, we offer a variety of colors and styles that are perfect for any occasion.


3) Here's what you get with the socks

It's time to ditch your old socks and get some new ones. Here are nine of the best sock subscriptions for men who want a little fun with their feet. Kicking it off is DapperSocks, where you can choose from three different monthly packages: Wild Card, MEGA or KIDZ. With Wild Card you get one pair of funky socks each month, MEGA gives you two pairs of funky socks and KIDZ includes four pairs of cool kids socks in each package.


4) Why do we have low prices?

We are sorry to say that we do not ship internationally at this time.


5) How do we ship internationally?

International shipping is available to most countries in the world. The price and estimated delivery date of your order will be displayed after you enter a valid international address. Shipping fees are determined by weight, size and destination country. For example, an order of two pairs of socks weighing one pound (0.45 kg) with a destination country of Italy will cost $14.99 to ship internationally and take 10-15 days to arrive.


6) What if I don't like my first pair?

Worried you won't like your first pair of socks? Don't be! We offer a no-questions-asked full refund on all subscriptions. If you don't like them, we will provide a full refund. We also have a no exchanges policy, so if you don't want to keep your first pair, that's okay too.


7) Why does it take so long to get your socks?

Once a month, you'll get a new pair of designer socks delivered to your door. You'll receive an email with a link to track your order, and they're usually delivered within 1-2 weeks. But what are you going to do until then? We've got you covered! Check out these 9 fun sock subscription boxes for men who want the best socks.


8) Do you offer free shipping?

The most common questions we get is Do you offer free shipping? and the answer is yes! We offer a flat rate of $7.00 for all orders, no matter what size or weight. We also offer a 30-day return policy with full refunds on any order that's not perfect.


9) How do I track my order?

The tracking number is printed on your receipt and emailed to you. The tracking number will take you directly to your order's page on the USPS website. If it shows that your package has already been delivered, it might not be in your mailbox yet! Give it a few hours or go find a neighbor who was home to deliver it--but if you still don't see anything, contact customer service and we'll make sure everything is ok. We're always happy to help :)