9 Fun Sock Subscription Boxes for Men

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to socks, check out this list of the top 9 sock subscription boxes out there! Whether you’re in need of some new socks as part of your everyday work attire or if you just want to have fun by showing off your new accessories every month, these fun sock subscription boxes have something for everyone! If you can’t find what you like on this list, check out our guide to the best men’s socks and our guide to comfortable men’s shoes as well!

1) What you should look for in a pair of socks
A good pair of socks is one that fits well, doesn’t sag, and feels comfortable. Here are a few things to look out for when picking out your next great pair: Material – The material used will determine just how durable your socks are. Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester don’t breathe as well as cotton, but they typically hold up longer over time (even when you spend an extra-long day on your feet). Wool tends to be very warm without being too heavy, which makes it perfect for winter socks. Cotton is still king in terms of comfort—it wicks moisture away from your skin better than any other option available. It also absorbs heat better than synthetic fabrics do, so if you work with your hands or in a warmer climate, it’s worth spending more to get yourself some high-quality pairs made from cotton. Fit – What size shoes do you wear? If you buy socks that are too long, they’ll bunch at your heels; too short and they might slip off mid-stride. While ankle socks might seem like a no-brainer choice, many people dislike them because of chafing caused by binding fabric around their ankles. Look for light socks that fit snugly around your toes but leave enough room around your heel to provide cushioning against rubbing.

2) What to do if they don’t fit properly
The first thing you should do is check whether your socks are too tight or loose. If they’re a little big, then you can fix them by simply wearing them longer—just roll up your socks when putting them on so that they don’t slip down while you walk around. And if they’re just slightly too small and aren’t slipping off, you might want to wear thicker socks inside of them until they stretch out and fit better. In either case, it might be best to take those socks back to wherever you got them from; most stores will have some sort of exchange policy set in place. Alternatively, many online retailers offer free returns and exchanges anyway. Just make sure it isn’t past your store's return window before sending anything back! Or try switching up their footwear entirely. Many guys swear by athletic socks as an alternative to dress socks: They’re made of moisture-wicking material (so your feet stay cool), and you won’t feel any rubbing or bunching with these types of socks. Bonus: Athletic socks usually come in fun patterns and designs (like stripes, argyle prints, animal print), which means you'll add some personality to every step! You could also experiment with low socks, ankle socks, and no-show socks. However you go about it, don't fret if your once-favorite pair doesn't work anymore—there are plenty of options at your disposal now! You probably even own a few in your sock drawer already!

3) How often to wash your socks
How often you wash your socks depends on a few factors: 1) Do you exercise frequently or play sports? 2) Are you a heavy sweater? 3) How many socks do you own? If it’s just one pair of dress socks, they’ll probably last a while. If it’s multiple pairs of athletic and casual socks, consider washing them after every wear or every other wear. Athletic socks tend to trap more sweat, oil, and bacteria than plain cotton ones, so wearing and re-wearing them regularly can cause fungal infections. Sweaty socks aren’t always pleasant to touch—and if they don’t smell good before you put them on again, they definitely won’t afterwards! Don’t have time to wash your socks between wears? Put them in a laundry bag in your hamper. That way, you can hang up each sock with its pair when you get home from work. Some people even turn their socks inside out; that way, they still look clean but are ready to wear again right away (you know who you are).

4) Comparing cool sock subscription boxes
WhimseyBox, NarwhalSocks, and more! : There are a lot of options for men who want to wear unique socks on a regular basis. In fact, you can find so many brands offering fun sock subscription boxes that it’s easy to get lost in all of your choices. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up a few cool subscription box options below—so check them out if you want to add something new to your sock collection. With that said, here are 9 sock subscription boxes for men: 1) WhimseyBox: For just $25 per month, men will receive 3 pairs of designer socks from some of their favorite companies, including Tretorn and Pantherella. You can also earn points with each purchase to put towards future purchases or exchange your points for cash back. 2) Not Your Mother’s Box: This company sends out a different pair of socks each month, but they also occasionally send other accessories as well. Each sock is made by hand using high-quality materials and designed by local artists (the designs include anything from skulls to insects). The pricing ranges based on number of items you receive and how long your subscription lasts; for example, it’ll cost about $18 for 2 months worth of items plus free shipping. And at times, they have special deals like Buy one, get one 50% off or three months of socks for $32. Click here to see their full catalog of offerings. 3) NarwhalSocks: If you love narwhals and whales, then you’re sure to love these cute cotton socks which feature colorful artwork featuring these awesome sea creatures. And yes—these socks are available in sizes ranging from adult small through extra large and short through tall lengths.

5) Our favorite unique sock subscription boxes
sock of the month Club, Sock Panda, and Happy Socks. All three sock subscription boxes offer unique men’s socks to enjoy. With an array of designs, styles, and personalities available from these sock subscription boxes, you are sure to find a pair that fits your needs! So whether you’re looking for comfort or originality you will be happy with any one of these options. And remember, if socks aren’t enough for you we have great free sock offers (like free socks w/ purchase). Have fun shopping guys! 2 Responses Comments RSS We love cool socks here at GotFreebies, especially ones we can wear while watching some football. We haven’t tried out many sock subscription boxes because we have several pairs in our collection already but it doesn’t hurt to look every once in awhile. These 9 unique sock subscriptions should provide you with plenty of options as well as entertainment when choosing which pair(s) to get.