8 Ways to Wear Socks You've Never Tried

8 Ways to Wear Socks You've Never Tried

How many socks do you own? I bet it’s more than you think, right? While you probably don’t need to hear this, let me be the first to tell you that socks aren’t just something to keep your feet warm—they’re an accessory! Wearing the same pair of socks every day and combining them with an outfit that has nothing to do with the socks will make you look like someone who doesn’t care about what they wear. On the other hand, wearing cool socks can totally change your outfit and make you look better than ever before!

1) Go for the quirky accessories

Using socks as an accessory is one of those under-the-radar tricks that can be very effective. It’s not a technique for everyone, but if it works with your personal style and outfit, then it can look cool—in a subtle way. Consider wearing socks with bold patterns or even fun colors (like these sock subscription services) that are subtle enough that they don’t steal attention from more formal pieces. Or go all out by wearing cool socks in fun patterns, crazy colors, and quirky shapes—that still work within your overall outfit.

2) Play around with your socks game in sandals

Who says socks can only be worn with shoes? Wearing socks with sandals is a great way to push your sock game and keep things cool. Swap out your typical hiking socks for a pair of patterned, ankle-high woolen ones or go sockless in strappy sandals with bright colors. For extra oomph, pick up some of our tried-and-true cool sock brands like Corgi or Happy Socks—we’re big fans of their vibrant patterns and fabrics. If you're struggling for inspiration, we found some fun examples on Instagram!

3) Don't be afraid to wear your socks as pants

Sure, it’s too cold for that most of the year—but socks with pants is totally a thing. If you’re looking for easy DIY clothing items, socks are a great place to start. Just grab your go-to pair of socks and start cutting, folding and securing them with safety pins! There are plenty of cool patterns and styles out there that aren't just boring old tube socks. When you finish all your sewing and cuttings, they'll be two fun new pairs of shorts—and they're pretty much free! And if fashion isn't your thing? Well then make sock puppets or put on a sock play with stuffed animals. The options are endless when it comes to wearing socks as pants!

4) Choose bright bold colors

Bright socks, particularly in contrasting colors and patterns, are a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit. Bright socks can also help you stand out from your peers at work without being too loud. If you don’t have any bright colored socks in your drawer, it’s time for an upgrade. However, just adding more color isn’t enough. Find some stylish sock brands that offer fun prints and bold colors while still being durable so they won’t slip down your feet as you walk (or run). If you want even more color options, consider signing up for a sock subscription service where you can select between different designs every month.

5) Show off your sock collection

If you don’t have a sock collection, don’t worry, you can start with one pair of cool socks. As your sock collection grows, challenge yourself to wear them in different ways. In terms of footwear, it’s easy to dress up a formal outfit with simple socks and shoes from major retailers like DSW or Macy's. Just make sure you look for comfy styles that won't slip off your feet or cause blisters. A growing number of online shops sell customized socks as well - some offer monthly sock-of-the-month subscriptions or let you buy individual pairs based on your style preferences.

6) Try white socks with black shoes

Unless you're in a very formal setting, white socks work with almost any shoe. Try them with sneakers for casual days or tuck them into black dress shoes for a slightly dressier option. The key is wearing your socks long enough that they cover half of your shoe's tongue. An alternative to white socks is no-show socks—these are usually made from dark colors like brown, grey, and black and stay hidden under shoes without being too noticeable (or tacky). For an even cleaner look, wear your no-show socks with black leather oxfords or loafers. White Sport Co. makes a great pair that is worth checking out if you’re looking for comfortable, all-season alternatives.

7) Keep it casual and comfortable with runners, sneakers, and boots

If you're like most men, you have a few pair of running shoes and boots, but that's not really enough variety. The great thing about socks is that they can take your footwear collection from boring and old-fashioned to fun and modern. One awesome way of doing so is through sock subscriptions such as Bombas or Zube socks (our favourite). If you haven't heard of these, think what a menswear box would be like except for socks instead! Just think: every month or so your doorbell rings, there's a package at your doorstep, it has some delicious new socks in it. Hell yeah! This takes all kinds of stress out of shopping for yourself.

8) Get creative by mixing different styles together

Are you looking for a challenge? Try mixing and matching your socks! Go sock of the month, and wear your new pair each month. Are you feeling sporty? Why not wear knee-highs under your capris or shorts. Feeling sophisticated? Style sleek dress socks with eveningwear for a unique look. Want to get fancy? Play around with patterns and colors in your sock game. Find ways that work for you - it's just as much fun as wearing them on their own!