8 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

8 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Practical, yet surprisingly luxurious, socks are one of the best things you can give as a gift. They’re functional, stylish, and will be worn regularly (meaning they won’t clutter up your gift recipient’s home). Even if your giftee already has enough socks in their sock drawer, there’s always room for more! However, the options out there when it comes to gift giving can sometimes be pretty mundane and even boring. If you want to take socks to the next level, however, these eight unusual sock subscription services are ones that you should know about!

1) Get Your Feet in Shape with FitSocks

FitSocks is a sock subscription service designed to keep your feet in shape and allow you to wear shoes that are too small. For $20 per month, FitSocks will provide you with six pairs of socks. Each pair of socks has specially designed toe pockets for stretching and strengthening your feet. If you’re interested in keeping your feet healthy, getting rid of sore feet, or wearing shoes that are too small, FitSocks is an affordable way to do it. Give it a try today!

2) Keep Your Feet Happy with Happy Socks

Instead of just socks, why not get one that includes an experience? For example, Happy Socks will give you a new pair of bright-colored socks every month and throw in a coupon for $10 off at their online store. The price ranges from $24 to $45 depending on how many pairs you order, with additional discounts for longer plans. While some may see it as another sock subscription service, there’s more to it than just your feet. The best part about these is that all subscriptions are eligible for free shipping and exchanges within 90 days if they don’t work out.

3) Celebrate National Sock Day with Daily Socks

For girls, socks are an important fashion statement. Taking cute selfies with matching socks can easily win your friends’ hearts, and it is also a great way to start a sock subscription service for girls. Every month, when a girl receives new socks from you, she will post a selfie on social media along with her lovely pair of new socks. With every post of that kind, you will instantly attract many subscribers! This is known as Philosockphy: a type of marketing in which customers promote your products by wearing them.

4) Manage Diabetes with Drip Drop

Your health is one of your most valuable assets, and managing your diabetes is part of taking good care of yourself. With subscription services like Drip Drop, you can have all of your supplies delivered to you and rest easy knowing that your family’s needs are taken care of. Drip Drop makes it simple to manage my diabetes said no mom ever...until now! Your awesome new sock subscription will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about remembering or hunting down supplies on a schedule. It will be there every month when you need it at a price that won’t break your budget!

5) Add Fun to your Workout with Fit Glam

Don’t let your workout be boring! Fit Glam is a sock subscription service that sends you colorful and unique socks each month. Perfect for workouts or just running errands, these socks will liven up any outfit you choose to wear. Each package includes 3 pair of socks that are made from high-quality fabrics and design styles from around the world. The subscriptions are currently offered at $13/month with an annual membership at $120. This is a great gift idea for someone who has fitness on their mind—especially if they love showing off their feet!

6) Take Cute Selfies With Snapshots

Who needs a shot of coffee when you can take a selfie in front of it? Philosockphy pairs your curated photos with cool socks. The best part? Their app lets you add photos from your phone and they’ll print and ship them to you. For example, you can snap a picture of your cat sitting on a pile of dirty laundry and have it printed right on one of their socks. It’s such an easy way to spice up your style while showing off something truly unique!

7) Choose from the Pool of Colors Available on Pairsie

This is by far one of our favorite online sock subscription services. The company's philosophy is not only to create stylish, fun and fashionable socks, but also to find opportunities to give back to less fortunate communities and individuals. By purchasing a pair of socks for only $16 or two pairs for $25, you are not only receiving great quality in your new sock wardrobe but you are also giving an opportunity to others in need. Check out their website here!

8) Remember to Put On Flip Flops

Forget showering and make sure to reek of sweat, because you're entering Philosockphy (silly sock subscription) heaven. If you thought it was impossible to make socks interesting, you haven't met every member of our family. We've got your every mood covered in everything from lighthearted irreverence to serious sobriety. And for those days when all you want is a pair of bright-colored knee-highs that match your blouse? Boom: subscribed! Don't believe us? Check out some of our best sellers below.