8 Unusual Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

8 Unusual Gifts for the Sock Lover in Your Life

How do you know what socks to get someone? It’s impossible to know if they have every color, every pair, and every style of sock out there. But fear not! Sock subscriptions are here to help! With these monthly or quarterly sock subscriptions, your loved ones will always have the perfect pair of socks, handpicked for them based on their preferences, at their fingertips without ever having to leave the house. And if you’re still stuck, check out our list of unusual gift ideas that will be sure to impress any sock lover in your life!

1) Men's Fashion Socks

When it comes to Christmas gifts, socks are often overlooked but they don't have to be. They can make great presents because they're inexpensive and colourful. There's a sock out there that will fit anybody's style. And if you need some inspiration, here are some different types of men's fashion socks to consider

2) Pretty Patterns

The bright colors and fun patterns associated with socks make them a great gift idea. There are loads of designs available, which makes shopping easy. Choose socks that match your loved one’s personality and interests. They can have fun coordinating their sock drawer! Bonus points if you find a pair of birthday-themed socks to give as a gift. This is especially clever if it's your friend's or family member's birthday and you're still looking for a present. Plus, who doesn't love getting new socks? Because everybody wears them, it can be hard to find a unique but practical gift—but not with socks!

3) Reusable Shopping Bags with Custom Embroidery

Shopping bags have become a lot more popular over the last few years; it’s hard to find a store that doesn’t offer them. These bags are not only good for holding your purchases, but they can be reused as grocery totes or trash bags. Reusable shopping bags with custom embroidery are an excellent choice if you want something with more flair than a regular bag, yet you still need to pack away your purchases and bring them home! In fact, if you have an aversion to plastic shopping bags, these reusable ones can help your cause as well! Regardless of what type of bag you choose—and there are tons of options out there—it is always nice to be able to give something useful and pretty.

4) Unique Handmade Crafts

The wonderful thing about socks is that they’re one of those gifts you can buy a man (or anyone, really) and they won’t roll their eyes at you. That’s because socks are something people will always need, but rarely think to ask for. And while there are plenty of socks that say I love my dog, or Shoes! on them, there aren’t many stores dedicated entirely to unique handmade crafts when it comes to socks. So if you want to buy someone a gift they might actually use, here are eight handmade sock shops with awesome products. (If none of these take your fancy, check out our guide from earlier in 2015.)

5) Blankets, Towels and Bath Accessories

Blankets, towels and other bath accessories are never forgotten favorites. They can also be found fairly cheaply at department stores or online, so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune if you want your gift to look good. Consider a personalized throw blanket with a set of towels, perhaps even embroidered with their name. If they love Disney and Frozen like my kids do, buy them themed bath accessories instead! These make great stocking stuffers too!

6) Chunky Knit Scarves & Accessories

When it comes to accessories, there’s nothing more timeless than a chunky knit scarf. These warm and cozy accessories come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can easily find one that matches your loved one’s personality and wardrobe. Better yet, they are usually fairly inexpensive and can be found at almost any department store. If you want to make it even more special (and personal), consider giving an accessory that combines two of his or her favorite things. For example, if your loved one is a sports fan and also loves scarves, purchase a team-branded scarf from an online retailer like Fanzz or 4Sport!

7) Personalized Purses and Backpacks

If you have an idea of what your loved one likes, a personalized backpack or purse is a great gift. If you know their favorite color and brand of clothing, consider getting them a backpack or purse with their name on it to make things more personal. For example, if your family member’s name is George and he loves Nike clothing, you can get him a pair of Nike shoes that have his first name on them. Along with those shoes, get him a matching Nike back pack so he can use it to carry his stuff around town. Personalized backpacks are an excellent way to show off both your sense of style and thoughtfulness towards someone special.

8) Homemade Treats, Candles and Coasters

Who doesn’t like homemade treats? Use your talents to create some cool candles or coasters and make your gift extra special. You could even get something monogrammed to give them a truly unique gift they’ll treasure forever. Some people might not appreciate handmade gifts but if you know someone who is an absolute sock freak, you can be sure that these gifts will be well received. A good place to start looking would be Etsy where you can find one-of-a-kind gift ideas at prices that won’t break your budget. For example, check out these monogrammed coasters from BostonCandleMaker on Etsy; we're sure they'd love it if you hand made some as well!