8 Unique Sock Subscriptions That Will Up Your Style Game

8 Unique Sock Subscriptions That Will Up Your Style Game

The sock subscription box business has officially taken off, and with good reason! We’ve all had that moment when we open our dresser drawer to get some socks, only to find a mass of mismatched, holey socks that have been there since last season...if not longer. It’s time to put an end to your sock-related frustration once and for all with these eight unique sock subscription boxes that will up your style game and send you some sweet new socks every month!

1) Bamboo

Bamboo socks are always a good investment because they’re usually durable and fit great. Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking. If you’re interested in purchasing them, try Philosockphy—they’re made with high-quality materials like bamboo and spandex, and are available for both men and women.

2) For the Kids

Once kids start growing up, it can be hard to find gifts that you both agree on. If your child is all about cars and trucks, you might have a difficult time finding them something fun from their brand new Hello Kitty collection. Luckily, subscription boxes are becoming a popular way to give kids exciting toys without having to know exactly what they want—and that’s a great thing for busy parents. Here are 8 unique sock subscription boxes you need in your life.

3) For Women

Many women have a general mindset that subscription boxes are only for men—but what if we told you there were boxes out there created just for women? Yes, Philosockphy for Women delivers awesome socks to your door every month. They even include a fun accessory like a bracelet or pair of earrings with each box! Talk about feeling pampered! You’ll feel like royalty when you see what shows up on your doorstep each month. When you sign up, you can choose from several types of subscription: 3 pairs and 2 accessories ($24/month), 5 pairs and 2 accessories ($29/month), 7 pairs and 2 accessories ($34/month) or 10 pairs and 3 accessories ($39/month). Visit their website to learn more.

4) Love Sports? Then Try These!

If you’re like me, you love a good pair of socks. Whether they are knee-high or ankle, wool or cotton, if they keep my feet warm and look great while doing it – I’m sold. While many women think that just buying a pack at Walmart is fine, there are so many fun sock subscription boxes out there that make an already simple task even easier. No matter your preference for socks in your life, there’s a subscription box for you! So whether you love sports themes or themed pairs (I know I do!) , here are 8 unique sock subscriptions that will up your style game!

5) Unisex Subscriptions

When it comes to clothing and fashion, women usually have more options than men. While women can subscribe to a service like Stitch Fix or Le Tote, there are no subscription boxes on the market that cater exclusively to men. Unisex subscriptions will fill that void by offering monthly deliveries of grooming products, as well as accessories for men and women. A one size fits all subscription would be beneficial for both genders, but if these companies could get creative and focus on gender-specific products (men’s underwear vs. boxer briefs), they might stand out in an otherwise crowded market.

6) Kid + Adult Subscription Boxes

Unlike some of their other subscription box competitors, these boxes aren’t meant just for kids. (Also, they’re not only socks.) This pairs perfectly with my next point: There are no gender-specific themes to these boxes. Whether you want pink and purple polka dots or superheroes and monsters, you can get it! Want one box? You can get that. Looking for a 3 month subscription? You can do that too! Philosockphy has your back when it comes to their kid + adult subscription boxes! I don’t know about you, but as an adult woman whose dress socks disappear faster than anything else in my wardrobe, I need all of these in my life ASAP.

7) A Geeky Fashion Option

Is your sock drawer looking a little dull? Do you love geeky items and want to add a little more of that type of flair to your closet? Then you should check out Yarn Over, which offers 8 unique sock subscription boxes that have everything from Star Wars socks to Stranger Things themed socks. Each box is inspired by different aspects of geek culture and comes packed with 5-6 pairs of high-quality, 100% cotton socks. The best part is that each pair has been designed by a different brand; so if you subscribe, you’ll never get two identical pairs in one shipment!

8) Last but Not Least, For Those Who Just Want Some Funky Socks

You Need Yarn Bombing Socks. Some call it yarn bombing, some call it guerrilla knitting. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: You NEED these socks in your life! These socks are made from cotton and acrylic and are adorned with colorful images of cats, owls, koi fish and much more. Get two or four pairs of these funky knee-highs—or get them all! Sure to make your feet smile!