8 Sock Subscriptions You'll Fall in Love With

8 Sock Subscriptions You'll Fall in Love With

If you’re anything like me, your sock drawer looks like an explosion at the sock factory. You have all different colors and styles of socks in there, but since you never remember to wear any of them, they just collect dust until you end up giving them away to the Salvation Army or another organization that would appreciate the donation. With sock subscriptions, however, you can keep yourself stocked with fresh pairs of socks every month without ever having to think about it or shop around on your own. Here are 8 fantastic sock subscriptions that you’ll fall in love with!

How to dress up your feet

Is there anything better than a new, quality pair of socks? If you have a sock subscription, you can add to your collection every month and customize your look with different colours and patterns. The variety will make sure your feet never get boring. Whether it’s stripes or polka dots or novelty socks that delight, there’s something for everyone (unless you hate fun). All of these services let you pick and choose what kind of styles or colours you want each month. Here are 8 awesome sock subscriptions to try out

Wearable Technology

The team behind Kniterate is developing a machine that knits fabric directly from yarn. The prototype used 25 feet of yarn to make one sock, but now that it’s been perfected, it can finish any pair of socks with 75 feet of yarn. (That means a pair of 40-foot-long socks should take about 15 minutes.) One Kniterate machine can create 100 pairs of socks every day—or 1,250 pairs per week. If you wanted to try all 8 sock subscriptions on our list, it would only cost you $1,300 for two years worth of socks (including shipping)—and no single subscription costs more than $150! We promise these are some very colorful socks!

Gifts for Her

Women love to receive socks as gifts. Not only are they useful and inexpensive, but they come in a wide range of vibrant colors and styles. For women who aren't sure what kind of socks their friends or loved ones might like, you can't go wrong with a sock subscription box. Here are eight options worth checking out

Gifts for Him

When a friend or loved one's birthday rolls around, it's hard to come up with a great gift. Sometimes, you have no idea what to get them and just give them cash or make some lame excuse that you got too busy to find a present. That's why subscription services are so great. You give them something they really want every month and don't have to worry about picking out an item for their birthday or Christmas ever again. Here are eight gift subscriptions for men that will be perfect for anyone on your list.

Eco-Friendly Options

There’s no denying it: socks are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Fortunately, there are all sorts of eco-friendly options out there, including fair trade wool and hemp blends and even socks made from bamboo or sugarcane fibers. Some brands even specialize in repurposing old socks; for example, BuyMeOnce collects your used gym socks and turns them into new ones. For those looking to go green with their sock choices, here’s a list of fun sock subscriptions

What's Not Included in the Box?

One thing that sets sock clubs apart from other subscription services is that many of them ship socks without a matching pair. If you're looking for matching pairs, know that you might not get what you want from every box. Even if it's not always clear from photos, be sure to check out sock subscription reviews before subscribing. This way, you'll be sure to see what each box offers and how often your socks will arrive. This can help with shopping for socks throughout your year—and if there are any serious omissions, chances are others have already noticed it too!

Why Socks?

Ever look at your wardrobe and wonder if you have enough pairs of socks? Sure, you may not wear them every day, but they are a staple clothing item—and, let’s face it, we all have a sock drawer that could use some serious TLC. Here’s where subscriptions come into play. Instead of having to spend time buying and organizing new sock shipments every few months (or even weeks), there are a number of subscription services that will bring fun and colorful socks straight to your door on a schedule that works for you. It’s like getting presents delivered to your house! Yay!