8 Reasons You'll Love Our Sock of the Month Club

8 Reasons You'll Love Our sock of the month Club

How many times have you gone to put on your favorite pair of socks and found that they’re in the laundry? Or even worse, you’ve realized that the favorite pair has holes in them? Socks of the Month Club was created to help people like you, who need to replace their worn-out socks on a regular basis. With our monthly sock subscription, we’ll send you two pairs of high-quality socks (different styles) each month – at an affordable price!


Save Money

If you're looking for an awesome gift idea, or just want to have a little fun with your socks, this is it! With our sock of the month club, you get 1 pair of quality socks in each shipment and 3-6 months worth every time.
If you're like me, you've had that one pair of amazing socks that eventually got lost or ran too far up on your leg. It's hard to find quality ankle socks so we wanted to offer a way for people to get their favorite sock styles delivered right to their door at least once a month.
We've put together 8 reasons why we think everyone will love our sock subscriptions: crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks included.


Get Outerwear

Outerwear is a monthly sock subscription that delivers you one pair of cool, colorful socks every month. We provide a curated selection for men, women, and kids--and it's not just socks. If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to dress up their outfit with fun socks or wants to add some stylish flair to their wardrobe with new patterns, this is the perfect option. In our curated box, you'll find awesome colors and patterns like these:
-Wild Life by Vans - Pack Your Bags by Adidas -Dora The Explorer by Disney -Batman by DC Comics


Work on Your Wardrobe

Need some stocking stuffers for men this Christmas? Surprise him with a sock of the month subscription, and he'll be one happy man all year long. He'll get to experience fun socks every month, and you won't have to go out of your way to find something new. The best part is that it's a gift that keeps on giving, because they can wear them on any occasion! And who doesn't love getting socks as a present?


Do Something Fun and Different Every Month

sock of the month is a gift idea that will keep on giving every month. It's perfect for any guy because we offer not only socks, but also fun patterns and colors. Imagine opening your mailbox each month to find a surprise pair of colorful socks! What's more, our sock club makes a great gift idea for anyone who can't decide what to buy. Ordering online is easy and convenient, and even better - you can give yourself an entire year-long subscription in just one click! We have something for everyone - from dressy crew socks to funky ankle socks with cool patterns. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it right here.


Variety is Key

What's not to love about socks? They're fun, they can be funky and they can be functional. We offer a sock club for men which is curated with a variety of styles and designs in mind. We offer different types including dress socks, crew socks, colorful ankle socks and more. So whether you want some cool new work-appropriate socks or just want to jazz up your weekend wardrobe - we have something for you!


Tell the World About it

Socks make for a great gift, and with our sock of the month subscription, you can buy a new pair every single month. Who needs socks? We've got you covered!
For anyone who loves to wear fun dress socks or ankle socks, our monthly sock club is perfect. The best crew socks are all here in this exclusive club: from mens purple ankle socks to colorful ankles for men, we have it all.


Surprise Someone!

Having a sock of the month club is a great way to surprise someone you love. With our socks, you can be sure that they're always getting something new and fun. It's an easy way to keep them smiling, and it's also a really thoughtful gift for your friends and family.
1) They're always surprised with something new and fun! 2) It's an easy way to keep them smiling 3) A great last-minute gift idea when you don't know what to buy 4) A thoughtful present for your friends or family 5) Makes awesome stocking stuffers 6) Keeps feet warm in winter 7) And they come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles!


Have Fun!!

Socks are more than just a fabric. They are a fun way to get creative and experiment with color and pattern. Our sock of the month club lets you do just that, and is perfect for anyone who loves socks! Here's why:
- We offer a monthly sock subscription so you never have to worry about running out of socks. (Mens colorful socks)
- You can choose your own unique style by choosing from our wide selection of colorful socks, cool socks, best ankle socks in all sizes and heights, or funky men's socks that come in different lengths. (Mens ankle socks) - All our subscription packages include free shipping both ways so there's no additional cost when you want to switch up your sock style.