8 Reasons You Should Subscription to a Sock of the Month

8 Reasons You Should Subscription to a sock of the month

Finding the perfect gifts to show your loved ones that you care can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what they would like! Fortunately, one option that you can use to add some fun to your gift giving without breaking the bank is gifting socks subscriptions. Here are 8 reasons why you should subscription to a sock of the month!

Discover new sock brands

A sock subscription opens up a whole new world of sock options. Instead of relying on your local Target, you’ll have access to dozens (if not hundreds) of different styles and brands. And since it’s likely you won’t know what brand is right for you until after you try them out, getting into a subscription means never having to worry about buying socks again. With monthly delivery, every month is like Christmas—but without all that pesky holiday stress.

Save time

Don’t waste time shopping for socks in local stores, or worse yet: don’t get out of bed! With subscription boxes, you pay one price and that’s it. Who doesn’t want more time? No more searching through stores. No more I wish they had... No more worrying about stocking up on socks when there are so many other things to focus on. Just grab your package when it arrives and you are good to go!

Discover new socks styles

There’s something about getting new socks in your mailbox every month that makes life just a little bit better. Who knew you could discover so many new sock styles and brands on subscription services? Each month brings something different and unique, whether you want athletic socks, patterned socks or plain white crew socks. A sock subscription is also great for anyone with allergies or sensitivities—Socks of the Month eliminate all questions about what kind of material is used for your new pair. It’s always 100% cotton and designed without dyes or brighteners. A fun way to mix up your style without spending money on one-off purchases; it’s like getting an awesome gift every month!

Get high quality socks at an affordable price

Much like any subscription, when you subscribe to a sock of the month club, you get high quality items at an affordable price. By reducing shipping costs and bulk packaging, you can save money on each sock shipped your way. Just imagine how much cash you could save by subscribing for one month instead of visiting store after store each season. Now that's something we can all Philosockphy about!

Get unique items you wouldn’t find anywhere else

There are many benefits to sock subscription services, but one of my favorite reasons is that you can get unique items you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Most sock companies offer around 20 designs per month, so even if you subscribe for 1 year (4 months per season), you’ll have 120 unique socks to call your own! If there are certain themes or characteristics you like (color, texture, style), some sock companies will let customers fill out a profile specifying their preferences in advance. This way, when it comes time for them to design their monthly subscription packages, they can get something that is tailored specifically for you.

Help small businesses thrive

People need socks, and sock subscription services like Philosockphy are a creative way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with big-box stores. Subscriptions can be quite lucrative if done right: The owners of Philosockphy say their subscriber base has grown by nearly 400 percent in less than two years. By purchasing monthly subscriptions or giving them as gifts, you’re supporting small businesses—and that can do wonders for your local economy! Plus, subscribing is fun and easy (and only $12 per month). Who doesn’t want new socks every month?

Wear fun socks every day!

Have you ever considered wearing fun socks every day? It might sound silly, but there’s just something about sock shopping that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. With so many different styles and patterns, it can be hard to choose which socks you want to show off. Luckily, you can make your decision easier by choosing from our wide selection of colorful and vibrant socks for men and women. The best part is, each month when we send out our new sock subscription box, your favorite pair will be waiting for you in its own special compartment. All you have to do is decide which sock in your shipment is going on your feet first!

You get a gift in the mail every month, how cool is that?

Many people say that they’d love it if they got a package in their mailbox every month with something interesting inside. What you may not know is that tons of great businesses have popped up specifically to make that dream come true. It’s called subscription boxes and they're amazing! One of my favorites (that happens to be super budget-friendly) is socks. If you think about it, socks are one of those things we always need more of and buying them for yourself each month can end up being very cost effective in comparison to those who buy them at regular price from stores like Nordstrom or other retailers like TJ Maxx or Marshalls.