8 Reasons You Should Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

8 Reasons You Should Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

A sock of the month subscription seems like it would be an unnecessary and frivolous expense, but there are actually several great reasons to get one. Here are eight of the most important ones to consider if you’re on the fence about it.

A Different Gift Every Month

There’s something special about receiving a gift every month. For many people, it’s kind of like getting an unexpected hug each time they see their sock drawer. For others, it makes them look forward to arriving home after work knowing that they will be greeted by something so fun and thoughtful in their mailbox each month. And best of all, you can create your own sock subscription based on your interests and preferences. Do you love various shades of blue? Consider an array of socks in different shades for every month. Love cute animals? Grab animal-themed patterns and designs. There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking out socks for yourself or someone else as a gift each month!

Great Quality Gifts that Keep on Giving

If you’re like most people, you receive far more socks than you need during the holidays. They show up in your stocking, in your office Secret Santa exchange, or as gifts from friends and family. However, rather than throw these fun and colorful socks away or use them to wipe off your computer keyboard (gross), they can make great gifts. The only thing better than one pair of fun socks is an entire box full of them! To find out why these types of gifts are so appealing (and how to start sending them yourself) read on for 8 reasons why everyone should have at least one sock subscription in their life.

The Perfect Gift for Men, Women, and Kids

No one likes receiving socks for Christmas. OK, that’s not true. People do like receiving socks for Christmas. But chances are they’re going to be some drab white athletic socks that, if anything, are too warm for everyday wear. A better idea is a sock subscription like Bombas or Bunch O’ Socks. With these monthly subscriptions you can choose from different sock styles and even gift them on specific holidays (like Valentine’s Day). Better yet, they give back: For every pair purchased Bombas gives a pair to someone in need and Bunch O’ Socks donates five percent of its profits to charitable organizations working with children in poverty stricken areas around the world. Win-win!

Many Styles to Choose From

If you’re looking for socks that stand out from all others, a sock subscription will be perfect for you. Most retailers carry one or two styles and in only limited colors, but sock subscriptions offer as many as eight different designs each month. If you’re tired of wearing your same old black and white crew socks, it’s time to subscribe. Or if you want to add some color and pizazz back into your life, there are sock subscription services that offer vibrant patterns in a variety of fun hues. A sock subscription is also ideal if you don’t know what style or design you like; just let each month bring something new! Change up your routine with some bright argyle socks or choose stripes instead—the options are endless!

Easy & Stress-Free

A sock subscription doesn’t require much effort on your part—simply sit back and wait for a new pair of socks every month. No need to worry about where to buy your own fun, colourful socks. Plus, because you don’t have to think about it yourself, there’s no pressure if you don’t want an outrageous design or material—subscribers are free to just get plain white! (Of course, some are free to choose whatever they like!)

Affordable & Free Shipping Worldwide

Not only is it exciting to get new socks in the mail, but subscriptions mean your gift will be shipped all over the world. This eliminates shipping costs altogether. Plus, many sock subscription services have affordable flat-rate international shipping! Although we don’t offer free shipping for our sock-of-the-month club, we guarantee that you won’t find better prices anywhere else online.

No Strings Attached

Socks don’t need strings, but you should subscribe to a sock of the month subscription anyway. (1) You can explore new colours and patterns without fear or embarrassment. There are several clubs out there that offer different monthly packages for men, women and children, so it’s easy to find something that suits your taste. (2) Most subscriptions come with more than one pair, which means you can get rid of your old socks! Try giving them away as gifts or use them as potpourri holders – they’ll last longer than flowers! (3) Nobody wants stinky feet. If you wear two pairs at once (which is great if you do laundry every other day), you won’t have smelly socks!

Unique & Funny Gifts for Men

Not only do socks make for great gifts, but subscription boxes in general are some of the best gift ideas. The recipient will look forward to their surprise every month. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend - socks and subscription boxes are great idea for any guy! Check out all our men's gift ideas here and pick up something special that’s guaranteed to be appreciated (and worn)!