8 Reasons You Should Be Subscribed to a Sock of the Month

8 Reasons You Should Be Subscribed to a sock of the month

Who doesn’t love getting socks in the mail? It’s one of the most exciting parts of opening your mailbox, knowing that there’s a new pair of fun and stylish socks waiting for you to wear them out and about town. With an innovative concept like sock subscriptions that continue to be popular, it only makes sense that more people will want to sign up for their own sock of the month subscription once they realize all of the benefits they come with. Ready to know why you should be subscribed to a sock of the month? Read on!

It’s a Gift for Yourself

If you’re like most people, you end up with more socks than you could ever wear in your lifetime. Even if you separate and launder them regularly, odds are there’s a pair or three in your sock drawer that have been there so long they smell like feet. What can you do? Give ‘em away as gifts! It doesn’t matter how old they are or what kind they are; if they fit someone else, give ‘em away! An extra box of mismatched socks is nothing compared to sentimental value—and it feels good, too. But let’s get back to giving them as gifts...

It Makes Life Easier

Not only does sock subscription make your life easier by taking care of your clothes for you, but it also brings joy into people’s lives. There are many sock lovers out there who would love to get their favorite socks delivered every month and enjoy new styles as well. What’s more, once you find your perfect pair you won’t have to worry about buying another one until next month arrives. If that doesn’t qualify as makes life easier, then I don’t know what does!

They Are Cute as Well As Functional

A lot of people don’t think about it but socks aren’t just functional, they are very useful but are also used as a great fashion statement. There are so many different kinds of socks that you can find and purchase on-line or in your local department store. They come in all different colours, patterns and designs and let’s face it nothing is more enjoyable than wearing cute socks to work or school. As well as making your feet warm during winter, as well as keeping them protected from sharp objects such as rocks or tree branches. What’s also great about these types of subscription boxes is they can help you decide what style you like best since so many companies make different kinds!

Great Christmas Gifts

While many people love socks, there are times when you need more. For example, perhaps your friends or family members have similar tastes in design or colour. However, with a sock subscription service, you can find an array of colours and designs that will suit everyone on your list. Sure socks aren’t as flashy as other gifts like watches or jewellery—but they’re practical and useful (and nobody will judge you for re-gifting). Each month you’ll receive a new pair of unusual but beautiful socks! While they may not seem like much at first, every month is sure to bring something new. And if you decide after a few months that it isn’t right for you — don’t worry!

Colorful Options are Available

One of the best parts about subscribing to a sock subscription is having options. With brands like Happy Socks and Bombas, you can be sure that you’ll get at least one colorful pair in your subscription each month. Not only are there fun colors to choose from but patterns as well. Fun patterns can make it easier for you match your socks with different outfits for any occasion! Not only do patterned socks add color but they are guaranteed comfort too!

Less Thought, More Positivity

Think about it. Aren’t you much more likely to remember an exciting, hilarious or inspiring story than something dull? Think back on your high school days and you’ll probably recall more good stories from that time than boring ones. This is why socks of the month gifts are such a fun idea. They not only make great gifts but they come with fantastic stories as well. And that makes gift giving so much easier! Plus, you know your recipient will be sharing their experience with all their friends and family when they receive them which makes them even better gifts if that’s what you want to do too.