8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription

Your socks are probably getting boring by now. If you’re like most people, you have the same socks that have been in your drawer since high school, maybe some more colorful dress socks from your college days and work socks that you borrowed from your husband or wife (hopefully without them knowing). Unfortunately, this kind of life isn’t for everyone, and it’s time to shake things up with Philosockphy’s sock of the month subscription service. Why not get something fun in the mail every month? A surprise to look forward to each month?

1) Customer Service

Philosocksophy is the best sock subscription service for men and women. We are a customer-centric business that prides ourselves on giving our customers an amazing experience, starting from when they join our club. After signing up, we'll send you socks each month. You can choose from one pair of dress socks or two pairs of fun ankle socks, depending on your needs and style preferences. If you don't love your first shipment, just let us know and we'll make it right for you! We also offer gift subscriptions so that you can share your love with friends and family! Our goal is to provide you with monthly sock surprises and give you quality products that get better with every wear.

2) Price

A sock of the month club is a great idea for any guy who has a passion for fashion, looking good and having fun. A $6 monthly subscription includes one pair of socks each month, which means that you get 12 pairs per year and 24 pairs every two years.

For just $6 a month, I'll send you an awesome new pair of socks every month! Plus, if you're looking for more than just socks, check out our other products on offer - we have awesome crew socks, crazy color dress socks and cool mens socks.

3) An Awesome Surprise Every Single Month

Philosoky is a sock of the month club for men that sends you a pair of awesome socks every single month. They have socks for all seasons and occasions, so there will always be something new and exciting waiting for you in your mailbox! These are not just any socks either, these are quality dress or casual crew socks that fit nicely and are made from high-quality materials. With everything from black dress socks to colorful ankle socks, Philosoky has something for every guy. For example, my favorite pair so far is their Neon rainbow striped purple ankle socks with white polka dots! It doesn't matter what you're into - these guys have got you covered! And, they even include free shipping worldwide on orders over $50.

4) Not Just a Random Box of Socks

We know that not all men want to wear dress socks with their dress shoes, nor do they want boring black and brown socks. So we came up with a solution - an awesome sock club for men who love colors. This sock company offers a monthly subscription service that delivers funky, colorful socks right to your doorstep every month. The best part is you get the whole set in one convenient box!

We offer a variety of styles and colors so there will always be something new and fresh for you on each delivery. Our socks are made out of high quality materials, some being cotton or wool blends that are designed specifically for men's feet. Our goal is to provide you with fun and comfortable socks every time so you can enjoy them all year long!

5) Better Selection than Amazon or Ebay

Philosokephy is a sock of the month subscription service that offers an expansive selection. We offer more than 75+ styles and colours, including men's dress socks and fun socks for men. Every month we send you a new pair of fun crew socks or funky ankle socks or a cool set of colourful dress socks or purple mens ankle socks. Plus, for all our members who sign up for three months, we throw in two pairs of crew anklet socks!

6) Don't worry, you can pause your subscription anytime.

Philosokphy offers a variety of socks for men, women, and kids with fun designs like cool socks for men and funky dress socks. We offer free shipping in the United States and monthly subscriptions start at $10 per month. Our sock of the month club is perfect for gifts or when you need some new socks for yourself! If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

7) Support Small Businesses like ours!

Philosockphy is the best sock of the month club because we care about you. We think feet are pretty important, and we have a lot of fun with our socks. Our mission is to bring some joy into your life every month by sending you a new pair (or two!) of quality socks that compliment your style. So click on our link below, sign up for your first month and see what all the fuss is about. It'll be just like Christmas morning every time you get a package in the mail!

8) Show us some love with your feet.

Philosophy has created a sock of the month that is sure to please any man. It comes in three fun designs, including colourful socks for men, best crew socks, and fun dress socks. The subscription service is based on a monthly shipment where customers receive six pairs of high-quality dress socks with different patterns, designs, and styles. Plus, each pair will be delivered in an eco-friendly reusable box.