8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription

8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription

The monthly subscription box trend has been popular over the past few years, and it looks to continue well into the future. There are subscription boxes for everything from cookies to jewelry, but one of my favorite subscription services is Philosockphy’s sock of the month Subscription! Here are 8 reasons why I recommend subscribing to this service!

Reason 1: Luxury, Style, Quality

Philosockophy is a sock of the month club that provides subscribers with high-quality, comfortable socks. Every month, you will receive two pairs (one for each foot) hand-selected by one of our sock experts for $24 USD including shipping to anywhere in the world. The socks are available in various styles and colors so you're guaranteed to find something you like. And because we know it can be difficult to find fun and/or cool socks for men, we also offer a variety of crazy color dress socks and cool socks for men. It's like getting a gift every single month!

Reason 2: Perfect Fit Guaranteed

We only offer socks that come in both mens and womens sizes and we have a variety of styles for you to choose from. This ensures that you will get an awesome sock every time, in a size that fits your feet just right!

- All mens and womens sizes available

- Variety of styles available

- awesome socks club

Reason 3: Excellent Customer Service

Philosocksophy is an excellent sock subscription service because they have excellent customer service. They are quick to respond and are always looking for ways to help you out. They take your opinion into account and find a way to make it work with their services.

Reason 4: Go on adventures with us!

We're always dreaming up new designs and concepts for our sock subscribers. What better way to go on an adventure than with a pair of socks?! This is what Philosockphy stands for! Explore your surroundings, be adventurous, and wear those crazy socks with pride. The next time you take a trip, bring a pair of our ankle socks along with you because there are no rules when it comes to wearing them! We don't want anyone getting bored in their travels so we're always looking for new places to bring you on your own adventures.

Reason 5: Kids can have fun too!

Kids can also benefit from getting a subscription for socks! Their little feet are in need of some fresh, new pairs every month too. They'll love seeing a new package show up on their doorstep and will be excited to put on their new socks each day. There are different types of socks for kids as well, like fun dress socks or colorful ankle socks.

Reason 6: We put our heart into every pair we send out

PhilosophySox is committed to giving our customers the best socks they could ask for. That’s why we put our heart into every pair we send out. We want you to love your socks so much that you wear them until they can’t take it anymore. Plus, our commitment is backed by a lifetime warranty on all of our products!

Reason 7: Supporting a small business is good for you!

Philosocksophy is a small business with big ambitions. We hope that you can help us achieve our goals by subscribing. It means a lot! By supporting our business, you're also supporting your local sock shop and helping create more jobs in your community. Plus, with each month's shipment, you'll be doing something good for yourself and others!

Reason 8: Get 10% off your first month (if you purchase this month)

One reason why you should subscribe is that if you purchase your first month this month, you'll get 10% off. We're so confident in our socks that we want you to try them for yourself before deciding if they are for you. The best part about our subscription is that it comes with free shipping. Your socks will come in a sock-of-the-month themed box with a note from us and a fun gift inside. As soon as your order ships, we'll send out an email with tracking information and an exclusive coupon code on your next shipment!