8 Reasons Why a Sock Subscription is the Perfect Gift (for yourself or someone else!)

8 Reasons Why a sock subscription is the Perfect Gift (for yourself or someone else!)

You may be thinking, Why would anyone want a subscription to socks? Well, here are 8 reasons why you should get a sock subscription for yourself or someone else as the perfect gift


1) For that hard-to-shop-for person

If you have a hard time finding gifts for men, look no further than socks! Mens colorful socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. You don't have to worry about them not liking it because they're sure to like one of these pairs of cool socks. If they're feeling classy, give them mens purple ankle socks as a holiday gift this year. For those who just want something fun and crazy, pair their new dress socks with some funky color dress socks. And if you know they're always up for being playful, then get them mens ankle socks in crazy colors! Any style of sock will be appreciated by any guy on your list!


2) Keeps you organized

For some, socks are simply utilitarian. But for others, they're more than just a basic necessity of life. If you're one of those people who takes great pride in their feet and want to give that same level of love and care to your socks, then you should consider a sock subscription service. This way, every month you'll receive an assortment of the cutest and most comfortable socks—and best yet, they'll arrive right on your doorstep!
sock subscriptions have been around for years but are now experiencing an uptick thanks to increased popularity on social media platforms like Instagram.


3) Always have new socks

A sock subscription is a great gift for men because it's an awesome way to make sure they always have new socks. Plus, there are all kinds of different styles, colors and types of socks that are sent each month. There are fun socks for men, cool mens socks, crazy color dress socks and more! And don't worry about the size. They come in different sizes so your man can wear them too!


4) Have something fun for yourself, too!

I'm so excited about this post because I know that you are going to love it! Have you seen how many awesome sock subscriptions there are out there? One of the best things about getting this as a gift for someone is that you can get it for yourself and receive socks in both your size and your giftee's size. There are so many different subscription options too, so whether they like wild socks, dress socks, cool crew socks, or colorful ankle socks - you can find something perfect for them. If this sounds like it could be up your alley, then head over to our store and grab some new socks today!


5) New sock designs every month

Every month you'll receive an awesome package with new, crazy designs from all over the world! And get this - each sock design has been specially selected by our team of experts. With every shipment, you'll also get an exclusive gift for your socks that are hand picked to go with your monthly package. You'll never have to worry about receiving duplicate socks again as we promise to send a totally new pair in each shipment. We even offer men's colorful socks and fun dress socks. And if you're worried about what size to order, don't worry! We offer both US and UK sizes so it's easy to find one that fits just right. There are no strings attached and no commitment - cancel anytime you want!


6) 25% off with your subscription

A sock subscription makes an awesome gift! It's one of those things that you might not think of on your own, but once you're subscribed, it becomes something you look forward to every month. Plus, they make great gifts for other people! We have socks for men in all colors and styles that are perfect for any guy. If you subscribe today and use coupon code SOCK25 at checkout, we'll give you 25% off your order.


7) Enjoy savings with gift subscriptions

Whether you're looking for a gift that won't break the bank or just want to treat yourself, gifting an annual sock subscription could be your best option. For as low as $30/year, you can give the gift of fun socks! Each month we'll send two new pairs of awesome socks right to your door. The best part is that if you sign up for a three-month subscription ($90), six-month subscription ($180) or 12-month subscription ($360), you'll get 20% off!


8) Free shipping in the U.S.

Subscribers receive free shipping on all orders and returns, which is perfect for those of us who are impatient. They also offer a 100% guarantee on every purchase: if you don't like it, return it for store credit. We know you're probably thinking about getting one for yourself, but what about gifting it to your dad/brother/grandpa?