8 Reasons to Get Excited About Your Sock Subscription

8 Reasons to Get Excited About Your sock subscription

If you’re still looking for gift ideas this holiday season, why not give the gift of something they really need? As in, socks. But don’t think those plain white tube socks under the Christmas tree will suffice. The people in your life deserve something better than that – and that’s where sock subscription services come in. If you know someone who loves unique and fashionable socks, a sock of the month club membership will be the perfect gift idea for them during the holiday season and beyond – here’s why.


1) 25% Off Monthly

If you're looking for a gift or just some fun, quirky socks then a sock subscription is the way to go. We have awesome socks with all sorts of crazy colors and designs available, from funky crew socks and colorful ankle socks, to crazy color dress socks. If you're looking for something more formal we also have formal dress socks that come in a range of different colors and patterns so there's something for everyone. For those who are feeling generous this holiday season, a sock subscription makes an excellent gift idea!


2) All Styles

Socks are a great gift for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, holiday or even just because. And if you don't know what type of socks the recipient would like, then check out our sock subscription. It's a monthly club where we'll deliver 3 pairs of new and exciting socks right to your door. Choose from fun men's ankle socks, fun dress socks, cool mens socks or crazy socks- all with our 100% guarantee. You can get started right now by browsing through our styles and picking the perfect pair for your loved one!


3) Free Shipping

Subscribe before the end of the month and get free shipping. Plus, you'll have 3 months of fun socks delivered right to your door. The cool thing about our socks is that they're not just for Christmas; they're for every day of the year. That's a lot less holiday shopping you have to do!


4) Personalized Service

It's really no surprise that a lot of people are looking for personalized service in today's day and age. But, we understand that sometimes it is hard to find something that you know is going to be the right choice. In our case, it's socks! But not just any socks. It's cool socks for men or fun socks for men or colorful socks for men - whatever you're looking for! We offer a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns so you can rest assured knowing you're going to get something awesome every time. And don't worry about things getting boring over time because there will always be new arrivals coming up each month so make sure you sign up early on before they sell out!


5) Fun, Different Gifts

If you're looking for a gift for a man who has everything (or just socks) check out some of the best sock subscription services on the market. There are so many different monthly subscriptions that will make your man's day each month with his new socks! Whether he wants ankle, crew, colorful or fun patterns, there is something for him. And you'll be their favorite person every month because they won't have to go hunting in all the stores - they'll get a special package delivered right to their door. Plus, socks are always welcome and appreciated no matter how old they are!


6) Cute Packaging

Cute packaging is key. The fun, bright colours of the socks were enough to make me feel excited about receiving them in the mail. Opening the box was like opening a Christmas present with all the bright colours and ribbons. I loved how they packaged each sock with a little card that had an explanation of why that particular sock was chosen for that month. The monthly emails are also a great touch as it makes you feel like you're getting something special just for you and not just another email in your inbox. The socks themselves are soft, stretchy, and well made which means they can be worn more than once without feeling gross from sweat or dirt. I have been wearing these socks for two weeks now and so far they've held up really well!


7) Variety

The best sock of the month clubs offer a wide range of socks and styles, so you can make it your own. With monthly deliveries, you can stock up on all the styles that suit you! There's no need to make an impulse buy in store when you know that it will arrive at your doorstep soon. Buying gifts for family members and friends just got easier, too; they'll never have another boring sock day again. No more waiting until the last minute - this is one gift that arrives right on time! And with prices starting at only $12 per month, stocking up on your favourite socks has never been easier (or cheaper).
The best sock of the month clubs are awesome for every occasion, from holidays to birthdays.


8) Extra Savings

Save over $60 by buying a 12-month subscription. With a 12 month sock subscription, you'll get two socks every month for the next year. You'll also get free shipping both ways and free exchanges if your size changes or you need additional pairs. All for just $5.50 per month!