8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Your Monthly Sock Subscription

8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Your Monthly sock subscription

The sock of the month club has been around since at least 2013, with the company Club Sock. But recently, more and more companies have begun to offer their own sock subscription services, each with their own unique spin on the concept. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxe socks or an affordable way to build a collection, these 8 random fun facts about your monthly sock subscription will be sure to help you decide which service is best for you!


1) What are toe socks?

Toe socks are socks that cover your toes like toe shoes. They're designed to keep your toes warm on a cold winter day or for men who want to wear sandals all year round.
Toe socks are usually made with a material called ThermaxTM which is designed to regulate body temperature so you stay comfortable all day. Pair them with our cool mens socks and funky dress socks for the perfect combination!


2) How To Wear Them

There are a number of ways to wear socks. Choose a way that is best for your outfit and the occasion.
Mix it up with bold colors or stick to one color for a conservative look.
Match them with shoes or go sockless.
Choose from dress socks, crew socks, ankle socks or crazy color dress socks.


3) What happens when you wear them with shoes?

What do you wear socks with? You can wear them with shoes! The top of the sock is called the toe and the part that covers your toes is called the toe area. The toe area can either be a larger section of fabric or separate little pieces. They are usually sewn to the rest of the sock with a seam around each toe. When people think about socks they often only picture ankle socks but there are many types of socks out there like dress socks, crew or tube socks and even funky fun socks for men. Crew-length knee-highs are worn by girls when they play sports like basketball or soccer because it gives their legs more protection from injury on hard courts.


4) How it can help your feet

Socks are a necessity for keeping your feet warm and comfortable. But the fun colors of socks have become more than just a necessity. They're an accessory that can really add to your outfit when you want something unique or colorful! There are many great benefits to a good sock subscription service including it being convenient and fashionable.


5) What’s the deal with toe socks?

The toe sock is a type of sock that covers only your toes. They are typically worn with sandals or flip-flops. These socks are often used in place of slippers when walking around the house. Toe socks are also sometimes worn as an accessory to other shoes like dress shoes or boots.


6) A fun history of toe socks

Invented in the 1950s by British company Co-op Knitting, toe socks were a popular novelty item that people would wear at parties or for special occasions. They were so big back then that they even had their own social clubs called toe sockers. We may be laughing now at the thought of people wearing these crazy socks but one thing is for sure - they're still here and can be seen today on the streets.


7) Why you should buy them today

Monthly sock subscriptions are a great gift for the guy in your life who likes to wear fun socks. Why not get him a subscription so he'll always have awesome socks? And on top of that, it's not just a gift-- he'll have cool socks every month! cool socks for men are hard to find at the store but with an awesome monthly sock subscription you can get him something exciting every month. Here are 8 random facts about your monthly sock subscription:
1. You can save money by buying in bulk
2. You don't even have to worry about getting cold feet when you wear them
3. They're perfect for people who want some variety in their wardrobe


8) Closing thoughts.

Now that you know the basics of how to find the best sock subscription for your needs and interests, it's time to sign up! There are a lot of great monthly sock subscriptions out there so give them all a try. If you want to start with one of our favorites, check out this review of one of our favorite sock subscriptions: The Best Socks Club.