8 Months of Socks

8 Months of Socks

What do you get when you combine socks and surprises? sock of the month, that’s what! This new sock subscription service will send you one pair of unique, carefully selected designer socks each month – with no obligation to subscribe further or to review your socks on social media. You’ll be surprised by the variety of fun and creative designs from around the world and sure to love them just as much as we do. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out 8 months of socks today!

Birthday Gift Idea

Buying a gift for someone’s birthday? Instead of buying them something generic, get them something personal! And no, we don’t mean getting them a gift card or some other impersonal item. We mean getting them a unique birthday sock that shows you took their personality into account. Birthdays are a time to celebrate and there’s no better way to show that you care than with awesome socks! At Footlogix, we have over 20 different styles in stock and each pair is designed for any occasion! Check out our range today by clicking on Shop Now at the top of your screen.

Business Gift Idea

Inbound marketing works by attracting customers. If you’re like most businesses, you already have customers. These are people who buy from you on a regular basis. Why not leverage your existing customer base to help attract new business? Gift giving is one way to do just that. All it takes is choosing a gift for every occasion and being willing to give it away for free whenever appropriate. For example, if someone compliments your product or service and asks where they can get it, say something like, How about I give you two? or I’ll be sure to send those over with our next order. There's no better way to connect with potential customers and spread your brand than through generosity and kindness!

Just Because Gift Idea

The perfect gift is one that’s personal, thoughtful and reflects how much you know about the person. This can be a challenge, especially when it comes to co-workers, clients or loved ones who may not be easy to shop for. Are they allergic to wool? Do they hate mismatched clothes? What are their hobbies? Knowing a little bit about your giftee’s likes and dislikes will help you get closer to finding them a gift they’ll really love. But even if you have no idea what kind of socks your co-worker likes, an AMAZING set of sock of every colour in one box is sure to make everyone happy! Seriously - never underestimate how much we LOVE new socks!

For Women

No matter how many times your spouse asks, you’re not really sure what he wants for his birthday. Instead of guessing—which is a fool’s errand—you can give him a present that no guy can resist: socks. But don’t just stop at one pair. Give him a fun surprise every month for an entire year by starting a sock subscription. Take it from us; that’s something he won’t be able to quit gushing about long after his special day has come and gone.

For Men

In January, wear a green pair for St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate all things Irish. You can also wear these with a black suit on an interview or job-interview day to dress your look up just a little bit and make you stand out from other candidates. March is a month when men should show off their patriotic spirit by wearing red, white, and blue socks to represent their country. April marks springtime—when it’s time to rock pink socks! In May, celebrate everyone’s favorite yellow food (especially ice cream) by wearing a fun pair of sunny yellow socks that are sure to put you in a good mood.

Cooler Weather/ Fall Outfit Idea

Cooler weather and fall outfit ideas typically include more layers. As a result, it’s helpful to have some versatile accessories like hats, scarves, and socks that are easy to match with your other clothing pieces. While you don’t want to go overboard (see our colorful socks note above), there is something special about a well-crafted pair of socks. More than just a way to keep your feet warm or add some extra cushioning at work, great socks can add some personality to an otherwise boring outfit. If you still don’t see yourself rocking sock garb, think about wearing them with athletic shoes or sneakers in casual settings – they can add a subtle touch of style without being too much on their own.

Gifts Under $30

To make sure everyone receives exactly what they want and need, we carry a wide range of gifts under $30. By keeping our product offerings focused on small, affordable items, we make it easy for recipients to find something they’ll love without feeling pressured to spend more than they intended to. And because our selection is so compact, we can guarantee that every item ships quickly — especially important during the holiday season when people are looking for speedy delivery! Our sock-of-the-month club is another affordable option that makes an excellent gift. By delivering one unique pair every month for a year or two, members are sure to have great socks for any occasion in store!

Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Holiday season is here and it’s time to start thinking about stocking stuffers. But, let’s be honest: Stocking stuffers are not always exciting gifts to give or receive. We’ve searched high and low for cool stocking stuffer ideas that are $10 or less. From coffee gadgets to make your favorite cup at home, to an adorable beauty gift set, we hope you find these under-$10 stocking stuffer ideas as fun as we do!