8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

You may not realize it, but the way you fold your socks can make all the difference in keeping them fresh and clean between uses! That’s why we’ve made sure to include some of our favorite ways to fold your socks in this monthly sock of the month club package. Here are eight creative ways to fold your socks that will make sure they stay fresher longer while they wait to be worn again.

1) Folding your socks with style

While socks subscriptions are all well and good, there’s something to be said for style. If you have a fun and interesting way of folding your socks, go for it. If not, here are some great ways to fold your socks (or at least make them look that way). Whether you're aiming for a funky shape or something more conventional, these ideas will help you craft clean stacks of folded socks. Watch: How to fold awesome piles of socks—4 different ways.

2) Creating sock of the month subscription box

sock of the month clubs are cool, but they’re also pretty pricey. It doesn’t take much effort to fold your socks in a cool way, so why not make it a monthly sock-folding tradition? Make sure that when you present your new pair of socks each month that they are folded into something unique and (even more) impressive. Have guests over for breakfast every month and pull out a cool new way you’ve learned to fold your socks. Or give them as gifts—everyone loves cool gifts! You could even offer personalized sock subscriptions on Patreon. Remember: The best things in life are free or ridiculously cheap!

3) Experiment with some sock accessories

You might have come across these cool sock accessories like sock subscriptions or other socks of the month, and it's time you start thinking outside of your sock box. Here are some amazing ideas on how to fold your socks so they look cool and you will always know where they are!

4) Explore other subscriptions related to socks

Though socks subscriptions have long been a thing, it’s amazing how many people still haven’t tried them out. Think about it: for just a few dollars each month, you can get fresh pairs of socks delivered right to your door. It’s like ordering pizza but for your feet. Of course, what if we told you there were other subscription boxes dedicated solely to cool socks? Whether you want cheap ones, minimalist ones or super-funky ones—there are plenty of ways for you to get an endless supply of awesome socks without having to go shopping ever again. To help guide your search for sock subscriptions that suit your style, here are eight creative ways (and places) you can buy neat new pairs of socks!

5) Decorating your socks will make them last longer

Whether you like them ankle-high or knee-high, there’s no denying that socks get frayed around their edges. While some people choose to toss their old socks after they show signs of wear and tear, there are simple ways you can get a few more uses out of them. Decorating your socks is one great way to extend their life and give them new flair in style—and it’s super easy. When you find cool socks, don’t just throw them in your drawer: Try tying knots, wrapping threads around buttons or pipe cleaners, or adding beads for decorative flair. Or go low tech with rubber bands and simply scrunch up the ends of your sock so they stay in place—no sewing necessary!

6) Developing a routine where you keep your things organized

Getting your items organized doesn’t have to be complicated—just develop a routine where you put things away in their proper place every time you’re done using them. It can help to create a space in each room of your house where things that get used regularly get stored—like shoes and jackets in an entryway closet or pots and pans in a kitchen cabinet. But it’s not just about putting things away neatly; make sure you clean up as soon as you finish doing whatever it is you were doing with that item. If you want cool socks, keep them looking great for longer than one wear by storing them correctly and keeping them well-maintained. It's simple, but we know from experience that it works! At least we hope so!

7) Get into the habit of switching out older pairs with new ones

Whether you’re staying at a hotel or moving around frequently, it can be tricky to keep your favorite socks paired up. You could buy them in pairs, but what if they lose their match? For one thing, that’s inefficient. But more importantly, missing socks are both an annoyance and a safety hazard—they often end up underfoot. To prevent mismatched underwear disasters and create a stress-free packing experience, switch out older pairs with new ones while you travel so they don’t become separated by accident. If you get good at it (which is easy because there are only 8 pairs of socks), it will also save space in your suitcase for other important things like shoes!

8) Keep things playful by mixing up different styles

There are plenty of ways to fold socks—and there’s no right or wrong way. Still, if you’re trying to get your linens organized, it might be helpful to establish a uniform system so everything has its place. Some people like simple, classic sock folding styles that use only one or two steps. Others take sock-folding more seriously and get a little more creative with things. It all comes down to what works for you!