8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

8 Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

If you’re into cool socks, you might have already tried sock of the month clubs, where you get an exciting pair of socks delivered to your door every month. But what if you don’t like the ones that show up? Or if you just want even more options than those clubs can offer? Here are 8 great alternatives to sock of the month clubs that will let you choose your own sock adventures and keep your feet warm in style.

Monthly sock subscription

Let’s face it, socks can get a little boring. (Unless they're really cool socks.) If you're looking for more excitement in your sock drawer, try out a sock subscription. We’ve found eight companies that offer monthly sock subscriptions, so there's something for everyone. Just don't forget to send us your pair of $6,000 unicorn socks!

How to fold your socks the right way (1)

While there’s no real wrong way to fold your socks, you do want them folded a certain way so they don’t get bunched up in your drawer. Pull one sock out of its mate (keep your hands clean) and then turn it inside out so that both ends are showing. Then, simply roll it into a tube shape until you have about two inches of material left at each end. You can tuck those ends into their mates for safe keeping or just toss them in as is if you don’t think you’ll be unrolling them any time soon.

Crazy cool socks

Honestly, socks are one of those items that people care about far more than they should. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice pair of socks! If you’re looking for a cool sock subscription, we recommend checking out ThreadBird or Foot Cardigan. They make it easy to keep your socks looking fresh and trendy, no matter how funky your feet are. If you want something more high-end, try Stance and their attention-grabbing designs or Bluffworks and their commitment to quality construction. Regardless of what type of sock you go for, make sure you store them properly; it will help them last longer!

5. Fold them into a little hat

Try turning your socks into adorable little hats. This will not only make sure they stay together, but also give you a place to stash small items like business cards, coins or notes. Just cut off both ends and you have an instant holder for anything! To take it up a notch, add eyes and a nose to each sock. It'll add some fun character and make them even more recognizable as your own socks! Folding them into hats also prevents you from having loose socks flopping around in your drawers – always a good thing when you share with housemates or roommates. Or they can be placed neatly into one of those cute sock hammocks made specifically for them.

6. Into cute animals

This is a really cute idea that’s sure to get some clicks. The only problem is it’s not an original idea! See if you can think of other household objects and ways people fold them that might be an interesting angle for your post. If you do, take a picture of it and save it for your post before going on with these ideas. You could also consider giving away socks as a promotional giveaway or business card holder — all in exchange for customer email addresses, of course. And if you do have any sock subscriptions, such as a sock-of-the-month club (oh yes, they exist), give a short review of those here too!

7. The roll

This is a great way to keep socks organized in your dresser or sock drawer. If you fold several pairs together, they’ll take up less space and it’s easy to grab one at a time without having to dig through your entire drawer or laundry bag. Here's how: First, lay out all of your socks. Then fold them in half lengthwise and roll each pair up tightly, like you would a sleeping bag, with each sock facing inward toward its neighbor. Leave some space between them so they don't overlap while they're in your drawer. Now you can store your rolled-up socks vertically or horizontally—the choice is yours!

8. Into geometric shapes

While you may be using your sock-folding methods solely to keep them paired and organized, there’s no rule that says your socks can’t be folded into something creative. For example, you could fold some geometric shapes into a stack of five. Start with a square in one of your socks, then tuck each toe (you should have four triangles left) into another sock as you move towards the heel. When it comes time for every pair of socks to stand on their own in a drawer or on a shelf, simply grab your bundle of geometric goodness and arrange them as you see fit! If it still seems like too much work, just stick with squares and triangles—it takes almost no effort at all.