7 Ways to Wear No Show Socks

7 Ways to Wear No Show Socks

So you’ve tried every sock on the market, and nothing seems to fit your foot quite like No Show socks. If only there was some way to ensure that your socks arrived right when you needed them, and that they were a perfect fit each time! Well, now there is! Introducing the newest trend in sock fashion: sock of the month clubs, like Philosockphy, that bring you fresh pairs of no show socks every month. Here are 7 tips on how to wear no show socks that will have all your friends asking where you got them!

1) What are no show socks?

No show socks are designed to wear with certain shoes or boots, so they're extremely thin and meant to be as undetectable as possible. These socks were created primarily for wearing with athletic shoes like cross trainers or running shoes, but no show socks have also become popular when wearing any sort of boot that you'd prefer not see above your shoe. They're usually slightly longer than quarter socks and can sometimes be found in short lengths too. Depending on how you like your fit, there are styles designed specifically for dress or casual footwear (like sneakers). So no matter what kind of shoe you want to wear them with, we've got a pair for you! More importantly though: how should you actually wear them?

2) Why buy them in bulk?

Philosockphy is a play on words from psychology and sociology. Sticking with them, you can actually subscribe to socks of all different kinds so you are only buying new socks when you want it. This saves money and creates less waste as these socks can last for a very long time if taken care of correctly. Simply put, you'll save yourself a ton by going sock subscription!

3) Two Subscription Options

There are two subscription options for socks. You can get a monthly subscription that sends a new pair of socks every month, or you can purchase packs of 4-5 no show socks at once. Both subscriptions have advantages and disadvantages, but we’ll explore them later on in our guide. For now, here’s what you need to know: A recurring monthly sock subscription offers more value when compared with purchasing socks one at a time because you get one pair of premium socks each month. While it might seem like an additional cost up front (about $10), your recurring fees quickly add up over time; some sock-of-the-month services charge upwards of $40 per pair!

4) When are no show socks appropriate?

It’s important to consider when you should wear no show socks. For instance, wearing them with sandals or no shoes at all might be a fashion faux pas. Also, if you have really dirty feet, it might be best not to wear no show socks. Some people who do manual labor for a living tend not to wear no show socks because they don’t want their feet sweaty and stinky in their socks.

5) Best use cases

If you like to stay on top of current fashion trends, buying new socks can get expensive. Besides that, your options are limited if you want to buy nice socks that won’t fall apart in a week or two. Some people solve these problems by buying multiple pairs of cheap socks. However, those may only last for one or two wearings before piling holes make them unwearable. In order to stretch your budget and find high-quality fashion pieces at a reasonable price, consider signing up for sock of the month subscriptions with reputable brands like Darn Tough and Point6. These companies offer men’s no show socks (and sometimes women’s) with reinforced toes that hold up well during daily wear but don’t look too dressy for everyday use.

6) Best practices

For example, you’re going to want socks that are durable but also easy on your feet. Get a subscription for specialty sock brand Philosockphy or try a sock of the month club so you can have new styles delivered to your door every month.

7) Alternate Uses

If you’re a business person who regularly wears no-show socks, then you might want to look into sock subscriptions. There are tons of options available, like Philosockphy , that cater specifically to men and women who wear no-show socks every day. For just $10 a month, you get a pair of premium no-show socks delivered right to your door (and yes, they ship worldwide). Choose from two different subscription levels ($10 for one pair per month or $20 for two pairs per month) based on how many pairs of no-show socks you need each month and how much you want to spend. Other sock subscription services include The Sock Drawer , which offers four different subscription levels; all choices cost $25 per quarter.